Charter Chat PodcastAna Chavez, Attendance Specialist at Value Schools and former Principal of Downtown Value School, was recently featured in the first episode of The Charter Chat Podcast, a media program hosted by Juliet Lucero focused on the stories from the charter school movement.

In the episode, Chavez discusses her own educational history and how it ultimately motivated her to give back to a community that supported her own educational journey as a youth. She reminds us of the foundational underpinnings of Value Schools and why its founder, Jerome Porath, aimed to create a secular educational option for students that focuses on the development of character, as well as their educational outcomes. 

Ana Chavez, Attendance Specialist, Value SchoolsShe goes on to explain how the Values help families envision positive educational outcomes for their children, and how the Values support not simply the idea going to college, but graduating from college.

Chavez considered the challenges charter schools face when attempting to secure facilities, and how our We Climb Campaign for Everest Value School epitomizes the need for safe, engaging spaces for youth. 

We now have quite a few students at these Ivy League schools now providing tours for our incoming students. That is so incredibly rewarding!”
-- Ana Chavez, Attendance Specialist, Value Schools

Chavez also discussed how the educational framework at Value Schools is working by exposing students to educational environments they may not have otherwise experienced. She highlighted how the Value Schools Board of Directors works on multiple levels to support our students. 

“Grant Cambridge takes students each year to the East Coast to tour Ivy League schools like Brown, MIT, and Harvard,” Chavez said. “We now have quite a few students at these Ivy League schools providing tours for our incoming students. That is so incredibly rewarding!”

Check out Ms. Chavez's episode here and listen to all the episodes of The Charter Chat Podcast here! You can also subscribe the podcast on Apple or Google Play.

Innovate Public Schools Los Angeles, in Partnership with USC Price School of Public Policy, recently published a striking efficacy report on Los Angeles County elementary, middle and high schools[1].

The report shows a list of L.A. County public schools that are closing opportunity gaps. These are schools beating the statewide average for low-income Latino or African American students in one or more factors including math and reading scores, and college eligibility rates, while maintaining low suspension rates.

According to the report, just over 12% of schools in Los Angeles County are helping to successfully close the gap for low-income Latino students – and Value Schools is on their list!

Innovate Public Schools has found that:

  • 2,068 schools are in operation in Los Angeles County.
  • 1,331 of those schools serve a significant number of low-income Latino students.
  • 257 of them are considered Top Schools. 

Innovate Public Schools FindingsWith a greater percentage of low-income Latino students than most schools in Los Angeles County, Value Schools is making a difference in the lives of students who need it most. The report shows that among:

High Schools providing a top-rated education for low-income Latino students:

  • Central City Value High School is ranked 25thamong high schools in LA County.

Middle Schools teaching Math:

  • Everest Value School is ranked 19thamong middle schools in LA County.

Elementary Schools teaching English:

  • Everest Value School is ranked 106thamong elementary schools in the county;
  • Downtown Value School is ranked 120thamong elementary schools in LA County.

[1]"Top LA County Public Schools - 2019." Innovate Public Schools. April 29, 2019. Accessed April 29, 2019.

leverageleadershipOn Wednesday, February 13, 2019, David Doyle welcomed forty leaders from our schools to continue to work on his Goal #1: develop leadership at each school.

David has tasked each school group with developing and implementing a "Leverage Leadership" framework to help our good educators become great. In this model, effective leadership is not about the innate charisma, charm or personality of the educator - it's about how a teacher uses time within the classroom.

The objective is to develop systems that enable teachers to continually improve their instruction, and ultimately be able to say, "I want to teach at Value Schools because the leadership helps me develop my potential as a teacher so I can provide great instruction for our students."

jayOur leaders worked collaboratively to identify both programs already in place and programs yet to be developed to better support Value #1 and Value #2: 

Academic excellence is the means to a full life. Academic learning develops a person's capacities to enjoy life, to live cooperatively and comfortably with others, to contribute to the economic wellbeing of oneself and society and to be an active citizen. Anything less than striving for excellence deprives both students and society. The fundamental means to excellence is teachers who offer expert instruction with high expectations for performance, students who are disciplined learners, and standards of accountability for both.

Each student can develop to his or her fullest potential. Each person is different, but each is gifted with talents and abilities. While each ought to excel in an area of special talent, each also should develop the whole range of human talents to the maximum extent possible. Schools have the responsibility of assisting parents and the students to identify areas of special talent and, at the same time, guide students so that no area of learning is neglected.


As our teams work to develop their strategies for implementing Leverage Leadership and systems to improve teacher instruction, David plans to hold additional sessions to survey leaders and share those outcomes with the APAC Committee and the Board of Directors.


We are all climbing!Nearly every student from all four Value Schools campuses came together in support of We Climb, the ambitious capital campaign for Everest Value School.

For $1, students participated in Free Dress Day to support the campaign and the extraordinary teachers and students at Everest Value.

Click to see the photos!

It is our job now, to give back to the future generations who will be a part of Everest because we all deserve a good school.”
-- Graciela, senior, University Prep Value High School

Together, students, teachers and parents from all four schools raised over $1,500 toward the We Climb campaign goal. Everest Value’s Student Leadership Committee raised over $500 by selling free dress passes and tie-dye t-shirts!

Value Schools students know that by working together, they can always accomplish more than by working alone. No one knows this more than Graciela, an eighth-grade graduate of Everest Value and one of the first of the University Prep Value High School graduating class.

thermometer“Being a part of the first graduating class of Everest, and experiencing what it is like to not have an actual building when I joined University Prep, I understand the everyday struggle of climbing up many sets of stairs,” said Graciela. “It is our job now, to give back to the future generations who will be a part of Everest because we all deserve a good school. We are all excited and looking forward to help Everest get a new school, too.”

With enormous help from others, Value Schools is now 57% of the way to our $4.0 million goal, and every student, teacher and family is making the trek and climbing!

It was a great day of community building and awareness, and reinforces our students’ understanding that “giving back” is an essential part of their education.

image.pngThis year Value Schools has begun its largest fundraising effort ever, to raise $4 Million for a new Everest Value School campus.

Every student, teacher and family is making the trek. And so many from the Value Schools’ community joined them. And each of our students want to say THANK YOU!

Since starting the campaign, our supporters have helped raise nearly $2.3 Million, 57% of the way to our $4 Million goal.

From all of us at Value Schools — thank you for climbing! We will reach the summit, together!

Thank you to our friends, Board of Directors and generous community members who helped make this opportunity possible. Together, we are changes the lives of over 1,600 Los Angeles students!


Students met for AO4EIt was a busy and productive weekend for Value Schools. No one knows it more clearly than seniors Orlane H. and Jefte C. from University Prep Value High School.

Beginning early Saturday morning, Orlane and Jefte (along with Biology teacher Kathryn Hanling and English teacher Briana Torres) helped organize an event with over 120 students, teachers and family members of AO4E (Angelenos Organizing For Education) at University Prep Value. 

The group, made up of the Ednovate Esperanza and University Prep Value communities, met to advocate for students’ safety and request support from the Los Angeles Schools Police Chief, Steven Zipperman.

“It felt great to all work together toward a single cause,” said Jefte. “We realized we have the same morals and beliefs and are all working to make a difference.”

Ms. Hanling presented months of student findings to Chief Zipperman, data and stories on the challenges students face while traveling to and from their campuses, such as gang violence, harassment, drug trafficking and theft.  

We realized we have the same morals and beliefs and are all working to make a difference.”
-- Jefte C., senior, University Prep Value High School

Students were thrilled to hear Chief Zipperman say “yes” to every one of the student-run organization’s requests. He committed to: support the development of a safety app for students as they travel to and from school; work with AO4E and participating schools on “safe to school” pilot programs; connect student communities to city and district policy makers that might help support their efforts; and working with AO4E to address ongoing safety issues in the district.

Click to see more photos!

woodsflyerOrlane, however, could not remain with her AO4E colleagues for the entire meeting. She had one more commitment that day: performing the role of Cinderella in twoproductions of Into the Woods Porticos Art Space in Altadena! 

“It felt good to work together as a team, both with those in the morning and those in theater in the afternoon,” said Orlane. “I got to meet new people and all our hard work payed off.”

Into the Woods Jr. is the first collaboration between Downtown Value and University Prep Value. Orlane joined thirty middle and high school students who rehearsed over the last three months to enliven audiences with song and dance.

Click to see more photos!

Value Schools celebrates our student leaders, from our advocates to our actors. We know it is important to provide as many pathways to success as possible, and are excited when every student takes opportunities to become their best! 

Value Schools is excited as Orlane and Jefte wait on acceptance letters from their dream schools: UC Santa Barbara for Orlane, and UC Irvine for Jefte! Great work!

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