JAGUARS BOYS BASKETBALL ADVANCES TO CIF CHAMPIONSHIP!Congratulations to the Central City Value High School Boys Basketball Team for an exceptional semi-final game Saturday night at Shatto!! The Jaguars defeated Harbor Prep 93-52 in front of a packed house of devoted fans! Senior Captain Joel F. scored 29 points, Sophomore Boe N. had 16 points, and Junior Christian F. added 15 points.

The Jaguars will now play in the CIF Division 5 Championship game vs. Middle College on Wednesday, March 2 at 7:00 PM at North Hollywood High School. This will be the second City Championship for Central City this year and the first for the Boys Basketball Team! The Lady Jaguars Volleyball Team defeated Middle College in November to win the first City Championship for Central City Value High School.

Congratulations Jaguars, and good luck in the Championship game Wednesday night!

Downtown Value School Marathon Runners celebrate a victory!

Los Angeles Marathon Runners celebrate a brave victory!

Fourteen Downtown Value School students and several faculty members participated in the 26.2 mile Los Angeles Marathon this weekend!  Along with Vice Principal Ms. Qavi, Ms. Washington, Mrs. Smith, and Ms. Morales, our 7th ad 8th grade students have spent the last seven months training for the event.

“It’s one of the best programs we have,” said Ms. Qavi, who has been leading the Students Run LA program at Downtown Value School for the last ten years.  "Students Run LA is a fantastic program which exemplifies our five core values. Through perseverance and dedication, this program turns middle and high school students into driven scholars who learn how to accomplish what many think to be an unattainable goal."

The excitement and strength students show and their willingness to transform their own lives has also impacted Downtown Value School teachers. “To see the commitment the kids have and to see how they follow through – that’s what inspires me,” said Ms. Washington, who ran along side her colleagues and student athletes.

I know that if I can do this I can do anything... after running a marathon, you can look at a big homework assignment or a long paper and know it won’t be a problem. After doing this, school work is easy!"
- Rebeca C., 8th grade, Downtown Value School

Students Run LA is now a citywide program, challenging at-risk secondary students to experience the benefits of goal-setting, character development, mentoring and improved health by providing them with a truly life-changing experience: the training for and completion of the Los Angeles Marathon.  Running 26.2 miles is no easy task, and not something students accomplish over-night! 

Students say the months of work are worth it! They see positive changes in their health and stamina, both in and out of running shoes!

“I know that if I can do this I can do anything,” said 8th grader, Rebeca C., who ran the marathon with her father, Walter.  “I didn’t have to be perfect or get it all right the first time," she explained.  "Every practice I got stronger and liked it more. And after running a marathon, you can look at a big homework assignment or a long paper and know it won’t be a problem.  After doing this, school work is easy!” 

"The most rewarding part of the program as a leader is watching the students transform," explained Ms. Qavi. "Most of our participants begin the season without ever having run more than a single mile. Little by little the mileage increases and in the end they're ready to run 26.2 in a single day. The amount of training and discipline required for this task is daunting as an adult, yet it is so impressive that we have students as young as 12 ready to face this challenge. Our hope is that students will look back on this experience later in life when they are faced with more personal challenges of their own. Rather than giving up on their goals, we want them to think, "If I can run a marathon, I can do anything!"

As our own 8th grader Marvin said, while interviewed on NBC Channel 4 News two days before the big race, “It just makes me feel better – running and sweating!”

Congratulations to all our courageous runners!


Alumni from left to right: Javier Pizarro, Casey Kristin Frye, Ana Hernandez, Bryant Miranda, Edgar Ballesteros, Justin Loew, Virginia Reyes, and Value Schools Board President Grant L. Cambridge at Vespaio.

Board Chair Grant L. Cambridge rang in the New Year with Value Schools alumni at Vespaio, a new restaurant near the Broad Museum in downtown Los Angeles.

The dinner has become an annual tradition, giving alumni an opportunity to celebrate their accomplishments since graduation, and consider the opportunities and challenges they face as they move forward.

"It is remarkable to see the individual development of our alumni,” said Mr. Cambridge. “Their achievements are a testament to the opportunities one has graduating from the Value Schools."

Students reflected on how to best manage time between school, evolving social lives, and part-time work. They debated how best to overcome personal obstacles and set goals. And they discussed the sacrifices they and their families have made along the way.

It is remarkable to see the individual development of our alumni. Their achievements are a testament to the opportunities one has graduating from the Value Schools."
- Grant Cambridge, Value Schools Board Chair

Virginia Reyes, now in her second year as a Political Science major at UC Berkeley, participated in an international exchange program that took her to France and Italy.  Virginia learned to speak French while living with a family in Paris, and is on track to graduate in three years by taking on 20+ course credits per segment! Virginia would like to relocate back to Los Angeles upon graduation.

Justin Loew is also in his second year at UC Berkeley majoring in Public Health with a minor in Sociology. Justin took additional college classes before arriving at Berkeley and was well prepared for the challenge.

Bryant Miranda is the newest arrival on the UC Berkeley campus, and is doing very well, majoring in Cognitive Science.

Ana Hernandez is attending UC San Diego's Human Biology program and is interested in becoming a nurse. Most of her classes are pre-medical subjects such as biology, chemistry, and physics.  Ana admits the course work is a challenge, but is up to the task!

Javier Pizarro is currently in his first year at Sarah Lawrence College in New York, where he received a full scholarship.  Javier is enjoying the liberal arts program at Sarah Lawrence, which is heavily oriented to writing and communication. In addition to writing 20-page papers on theorems for Calculus class, he is also studying Italian.

Edgar Ballesteros is in his final year at UC Santa Barbara, majoring in English, and minoring in Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL).  While at UC Santa Barbara, Edgar has also become a small business owner, creating a highly sought after line of casual beach attire which has been very popular on campus.  Edgar is considering applying his TESOL skills in Japan, as well as pursuing a masters degree.  

Casey Kristin Frye discussed her life after graduation. Casey graduated from UCLA in 2015 and has begun her new career with Teach for America (TFA).  She is now living in Connecticut and is teaching 4th grade.  Casey now revels to see the academic success of her own students after their first year together!

Congratulations to all the Value Schools alumni! We are proud of your accomplishments, and look forward to hearing more about what lies ahead!

Downtown Value Dance Their Way to VictoryThe dance program at Downtown Value began four years ago with a modest goal: to help students feel more comfortable with themselves and one another.  Now, nearly every fifth grade student is eager to step-up! 

The reason is simple.  Students have fun.  They stay active, and develop a strong sense of pride.  And they do it while developing kinesthetic and interpersonal skills.

This year, Ms. Bateman’s and Ms. Rios-Travers’ classes meet twice a week for an hour with their Dancing Classrooms instructor, Ms. Amalia.

They are so excited and proud!  And it’s wonderful to see how dedicated they’ve become not only to dance, but to one another.”
- 5th Grade Teacher, Ms. Rios-Travers

And their work and passion paid off!  Culminating in a citywide dance-off with students from over ten schools entitled Colors of the Rainbow, our dancers took home the silver medal!

“I believe it was the best our school has ever done,” said Ms. Rios-Travers.  “They are so excited and proud!  And it’s wonderful to see how dedicated they’ve become not only to dance, but to one another.”

The annual Colors of the Rainbow competition was held at Los Angeles High School of the Arts (Lahsa) before a howling audience of over 500 students, parents and community members.  Downtown Value dancers shrieked support for their teammates and embraced them when they returned to their teams. It was a wonderful experience for all of them.

Dancing Classrooms illustrates for the students how they can work with one another to accomplish their goals.  Hand-in-hand with School Value # 4, the Downtown Value dance program teaches pride, confidence and respect. The ten-week, twenty-session residency uses dance to challenge and change the lives of students.  Using fun and creative ways to talk and learn about dance, Dancing Classrooms breaks down social barriers, eliminates bias, teaches students to honor and respect each other, and promotes self-confidence, communication, and cooperation.

Way to go, Downtown Value School!


In its first semester, University Prep Value High School has become an exceptional school. For Principal David Doyle, the reason is simple.  It’s the students.

“Everything we do matters,” says Doyle.  “Our school is not just a building, it is the people inside it and the actions we take every day.”

Students at University Prep Value are challenged to see the obstacles they face and the actions they take to overcome them as opportunities to build an exceptional school and a supportive community.

The Values are a guide. And they point in one direction: everything we do matters. The Values show students how to become better students and better citizens."
- Principal David Doyle

“Actions matter; what we do matters,” said Doyle.  “Every decision – whether it’s waking up 15 minutes earlier in the morning, or respecting the feelings and thoughts of a fellow student, or giving 4 hours on a Saturday to families in need – all of it gives kids the opportunity to imagine and see the results of their actions. “

And students have risen to the challenge. On a Saturday, excited about the new campus currently under renovation on Pico Blvd., half of the student body and nearly every teacher joined Councilman Cedillo’s neighborhood cleanup program. Councilman Cedillo was so impressed with UP students and the teachers, he agreed to help speed up renovation process!

UP students also rallied over a weekend at St. Vincent de Paul Church and used their math skills and their dedication to giving back to distribute food and supplies to 500 families in need this season.

Click to view University Prep students

And during Thanksgiving, students and faculty from both University Prep Value and Central City Value joined together to serve dinner to 400 hundred families at Angelica Lutheran Church.

“The Values are a guide,” says Doyle.  “And they point in one direction: everything we do matters. The Values show students how to become better students and better citizens. They show teachers how to stand by them, not just to provide an excellent education, but also to make sure they have the strength and grit and tools to set a goal as a member of an exceptional team.”

Lady Jaguars Capture CIF Division V Volleyball Championship!
Lady Jaguars Capture CIF Division V Volleyball Championship to make their way to compete for the California State CF Division Title!

On November 20, 2015, the Lady Jaguars captured the CIF Division V Volleyball Championship! Defeating the Middle College Cougars 3 to 0, the Lady Jaguars have had a stellar season!

Lady Jaguars made it to the CIF Final Four in in both 2012 and 2013, and were runners-up in the City Championship Finals in 2014. But 2015 marks the most rewarding effort thus far: the first volleyball championship win for Central City Value High School!

The Lady Jaguars entered the CIF Division 5 Final Four last week with an incredible overall record of 26 wins and only 4 losses!  Throughout the season and at every match, the Lady Jaguars have been recognized as exceptional:

  • Check out the Champions!
    Junior Captain America Lopez was a Max Preps Player of the Match against Community Charter (3-)), serving seven aces and leading her team with confidence
  • Senior Outside Hitter Jennifer Gonzales was named Max Preps Player of the Match during the Jaguars vs. Mendez HS (3-0) showdown.
  • Senior Outside Hitter Karla Delos Reyes had four Aces and 2 Kills against Mendez HS.
  • Senior Opposite Jocelyn Gonzalez had one Ace and 2 Kills against Mendez HS.
  • Senior Middle Blocker Luna Santiago had 6 Kills against Mendez HS.

Coach Raissa Adolphe and the Lady Jaguars have much to be proud of!  Each has worked hard this year and are now on their way to compete for the California State CIF Division Title! Congratulations Jaguars!

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