Lady Jaguars Capture CIF Division V Volleyball Championship!
Lady Jaguars Capture CIF Division V Volleyball Championship to make their way to compete for the California State CF Division Title!

On November 20, 2015, the Lady Jaguars captured the CIF Division V Volleyball Championship! Defeating the Middle College Cougars 3 to 0, the Lady Jaguars have had a stellar season!

Lady Jaguars made it to the CIF Final Four in in both 2012 and 2013, and were runners-up in the City Championship Finals in 2014. But 2015 marks the most rewarding effort thus far: the first volleyball championship win for Central City Value High School!

The Lady Jaguars entered the CIF Division 5 Final Four last week with an incredible overall record of 26 wins and only 4 losses!  Throughout the season and at every match, the Lady Jaguars have been recognized as exceptional:

  • Check out the Champions!
    Junior Captain America Lopez was a Max Preps Player of the Match against Community Charter (3-)), serving seven aces and leading her team with confidence
  • Senior Outside Hitter Jennifer Gonzales was named Max Preps Player of the Match during the Jaguars vs. Mendez HS (3-0) showdown.
  • Senior Outside Hitter Karla Delos Reyes had four Aces and 2 Kills against Mendez HS.
  • Senior Opposite Jocelyn Gonzalez had one Ace and 2 Kills against Mendez HS.
  • Senior Middle Blocker Luna Santiago had 6 Kills against Mendez HS.

Coach Raissa Adolphe and the Lady Jaguars have much to be proud of!  Each has worked hard this year and are now on their way to compete for the California State CIF Division Title! Congratulations Jaguars!

Students and families at Downtown Value proud of their gardening work!Managed by After-School All-Stars, the gardening program at Downtown Value School engages over fifty parents, students, and teachers, all working to beautify the campus and learn about our region’s horticulture.

With their hands covered with dirt, students have fun working in the garden. But the garden isn’t just fun. It’s also instrumental in helping change student behavior around physical activity, food consumption, and water conservation.

We want our students to know they can grow their own food, and understand that healthy food can be part of their daily experience.

Addressing issues faced by many California youth, students at Downtown Value are learning about self-sustaining garden environments, food production and consumption in California, and exploring healthy lifestyles.

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“We want our students to know they can grow their own food, and we want them to understand that healthy food can be part of their daily experience,” said Aries Fonseca, After-School All-Stars Coordinator. “Having first-hand experience in gardening gets our students excited about healthy eating and healthy lifestyles."

An interdisciplinary learning environment, working in the school garden helps develop critical thinking skills and a deeper awareness of the natural world and its relation to students’ well-being. And studies have shown that when students are entrusted with caring for and maintaining school gardens, their fruit and vegetable consumption increases!

EVS receives award from City of Los Angeles for it's commitment to the community
Los Angeles City Council President Herb J. Wesson applauded Everest's “devotion of service” to the needs of the community

Now in its second year of operation, Everest Value School is placing an even stronger focus on academic success.  Students now have more opportunity to explore interests while at the same time receive robust academic support. Teachers have more partnering and professional development opportunities. And the community has taken notice.

“It’s Everest 2.0,” says Principal Chris Medinger.  “For instance, students now have lots of time with mentors and tutors, and lots of engaging activities, both during and after school.”

Everest Value students are visited once a week by freshman from University Prep Value High School.  Ninth graders from the sister campus provide homework help and act as mentors to Everest students.  And afterschool program staff work closely with teachers to provide opportunities closely connected to the school-day curriculum.

“It’s a way to remind our students about the importance of academics," says Medinger, "and getting students together across campuses helps everyone. Everest students look up to the high school students, and are proud when they succeed.  And the older students now have a great opportunity to give back.”

Everest is full of wonderful people who have helped change my child’s idea of what school is.”
--Ermina, parent of an Everest Value School student

Professional partnering and collaboration between teachers on campus is also a key component to the Everest upgrade.  Teachers now work together in grade-level clusters, participating in professional development training in English language development, behavior support, and curriculum development.

“Our teachers are the core of everything we do here at Everest Value,” said Medinger.  “Investing in their success — making it possible for them to collaborate and learn from one another — it’s the best way to ensure the success of every student.”

Even the City Council has been impressed!  As teachers and staff attended social and recruitment events over the last fifteen months, Los Angeles City Council President Herb J. Wesson, applauded Everest's “devotion of service” to the needs of the community.

“We are working closely with local nonprofits to understand the needs of our community even before students enroll,” says Dean of Students Jacqueline Gonzalez-Reyes. “This customized outreach has led to a more sustainable, diverse recruitment and retention rate for Everest.”

Students and families are taking advantage of the school's expansion.  With all the upgrades, Everest is driving home the importance of a strong educational foundation.

Central City Value High School students just received a stellar report card on their SBACs!Central City Value High School just received a stellar report card! 

Eleventh grade students throughout much of the country recently took the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC) test. 

Measuring the full depth and breadth of the Common Core State Standards, the SBAC focuses on the cognitive skills and knowledge students need in order to succeed in college and in life.  Critical-thinking, problem-solving, communication and math skills are a major focus of the standards.

And a substantially greater number of Central City Value students met or exceeded standards in the English & Language Arts section when compared to students in the district and throughout the state.

71% of our students met or exceeded standards in the English & Language Arts section of the SBAC!

The SBAC is designed to measure student progress toward college and career readiness in English language arts/literacy (ELA) and mathematics."sbac

Central City Value students surpassed standards 

 In comparison, only 56% of students throughout the state and 48% of LAUSD students meet those standards!  Only 9% of Central City Value students fell below the standard, much better than both the state and the district.

The new standards mark a fundamental shift, raising the bar for how California's public school students learn and are taught in preparation for college and career readiness. Clearly, Value Schools students are up to the test!

University Prep Value High School Students

As the name implies, University Prep is working to develop the critical thinking skills, knowledge, grit, and determination needed to successfully attend and graduate from a four-year university.”
--David Doyle, Principal

University Prep Value High School is the fourth campus in the Value Schools network, and in its first month of operation, the halls of UP buzz with excitement!

Serving 9th to 12th grades, University Prep Value now gives more students and families already in the Value Schools network the opportunity to continue their Values-based education. And this year, University Prep Value opened its temporary campus in Downtown Los Angeles with 108 ninth-grade students.  

As the main campus is built-out in the Pico Union area of Los Angeles, the temporary space downtown has plenty of room for discovery and learning.  Math, English, and Spanish classes are augmented by a state-of-the art science classroom, and fully stocked art space and gallery.

Parents trust Value Schools to shape the future of their children."

But at the heart of University Prep lies the Community Room. Daily gatherings are used to explore how the school's Five Values can be used to make a better world. Those who strive for academic excellence, demonstrate respect and challenge themselves and others to develop their potential and give back to their community, are recognized and celebrated by both faculty and students.

“We work together to understand and act on the Five Core Values,” said Principal David Doyle. “As the name implies, University Prep is working to develop the critical thinking skills, knowledge, grit, and determination needed to successfully attend and graduate from a four-year university.”

Click to view University Prep photos

In the first month of classes, University Prep students have given back at the St. Vincent De Paul Society, helping needy families in the area while reflecting on their own sense of gratitude.    And selected students had the opportunity to research statewide politics and ask hard questions of Senator Dianne Feinstein at a Townhall dinner hosted by the World Affairs Council.

“We are working to create an exceptional school,” continues Principal Doyle. “Parents have many educational choices among high performing schools in the area, but they trust Value Schools to shape the future of their children. They see that when students commit to the Values, they prepare themselves for a future they themselves create.”

The University Prep Value High School class of 2019 is paving its own way, and showing each day what it means to live the values.

Casey Frye with her mother and sisters at UCLA Graduation
Casey Kristin Frye with her mother, brother, and niece at UCLA Graduation

Four years ago, Casey Kristin Frye joined her senior Central City Value classmates at Immanuel Presbyterian Church to receive her high school diploma.  She was valedictorian of her class, a top athlete, and was awarded the first-ever Chairman’s Scholarship.  It turned out this was just a start in a long line of “firsts.”

Last week, Casey crossed a larger stage, together with over 7,000 other graduates, at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) commencement ceremony!

But crossing the stage to receive her college diploma did not come easily or without struggle. It took, as Casey put it, "four years of immense energy, adaptation, chronic sleep deprivation, and soul searching."

Before she began her college career, Casey was one of 72,000 applicants to UCLA, and the first Central City Value graduate to attend the famous institution; she was the first in her family to graduate college; and is now the first Value Schools graduate to be accepted to the prestigious Teach for America (TFA) program.

One thing I've found is the most effective way to give back is to give from within."
-- Casey Kristin Frye

"There is no doubt the Values influenced my experience in college," said Casey. "But the one that had the most impact was Value Number Five. I can honestly say it is because of the skills I gained as a leader, watching my own teachers lead by example, and the responsibility I feel to give back to the community that got me into TFA."

With a TFA teaching assignment in Connecticut, Casey is traveling across the country, intent on sharing her educational success with others as an educator and example for us all.

Casey Frye and Value Schools Board Chair Grant Cambridge at UCLA Graduation
Casey Kristin Frye with Value Schools' Board Chair Grant Cambridge at UCLA Graduation

"Growing up, I was constantly fed the idea that getting a good education was 'the way out' of the 'hood," Casey said. "Having gone to college to study education, I've learned that 'getting out' is one of the worst things I could ever do for my community. One thing I've found is the most effective way to give back is to give from within.

"Yes, this can be interpreted to mean to give from within oneself," Casey explained, "but this is not entirely correct. I mean to give back from within a community – within the heart of a community. Looking back at my experiences at Central City Value, it is not the curriculum I hold dear. It is the relationships with others I developed while I was there... with friends and teachers in and out of the classroom. They are my favorite part of what I remember, and without their decisions to give back from within, I imagine my life would look very different than it does now."

As we watched her progress, Casey became a powerful role model for students at Central City Value.  Her dedication and commitment provided a template for students to show courage, rise to the challenge, and broaden their educational horizons.

Today, many Value Schools graduates are continuing their educational experience at top colleges around the country - not just UCLA but the Berkeley, Irvine, Riverside, and Santa Barbara campuses of the University of California; Sarah Lawrence College, and Mount Saint Mary College (NY).

Value Schools thanks Casey for sharing her enthusiasm, vision, and experience over the years. We are excited to see what “firsts” still lay ahead for Casey Frye!  Congratulations Casey!

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