leadership2As Value Schools continues to strengthen, this school year has given teachers and administrators the chance to take on wider responsibilities. We value the individual growth of every student at each of our four campuses; and we value the adult leaders at the core of each school community.

For the 2017-2018 school year, several veteran teachers and staffs have been promoted from within, filling seven of eight leadership positions.

Two new Principals

  • Claudia Godlewski (the only leader hired outside the Value Schools network) joins us from her previous position of Principal at St. Joseph School
  • Robert Poyer at University Prep proceeds from his previous position as Vice Principal

Three new Vice Principals

  • Karla Orellana at Downtown Value moves from her previous position as 8th Grade math teacher
  • Laura Diosdado at Central City Value advances from her position as College Counselor
  • Carla Vazquez, at University Prep Value progresses from her position as Director of Special Education

Two new Deans of Students

  • Feager Pertilla at Downtown Value grows from consultant and substitute teacher
  • Vanessa Navarro at University Prep Value moves from her position as Freshman Seminar teacher

Lastly, David Doyle moved from his position as founding Principal at University Prep Value to his new position as CEO of Value Schools where he replaced Gerry Jacoby. Also promoted from within, Ms. Jacoby served as CEO for three years after being the founding principal of Downtown Value School.

Value Schools knows the best teachers of today develop the leaders of tomorrow. We encourage professional growth from within, and actively support those willing to take advantage of leadership opportunities. Our staffs know that by exploring their passions in the classroom, they can simultaneously develop pathways developed to encourage lifelong careers.

building 03Building a school is not easy. Public hearings, environmental examinations, design and construction all take time.

University Prep Value freshman, sophomores and juniors entered their new and permanent home at 1929 W. Pico Blvd. on the first day of school this year.

Their two-year stint at a temporary location in downtown Los Angeles served as a reminder of one of Value Schools foundational principals, said CEO David Doyle.

“It’s important for us all to remember that a school is not a building,” said Doyle. “A school is the people inside the building, the people who care about one another, who have each other’s back, and who help one another become better students, scholars and citizens.”

The importance of strong schools, strong communities, have never been greater. We owe it to our communities to ensure positive educational opportunities for all our children."
-- Mónica García, LAUSD District Two Board Member

Gilbert Cedillo, Los Angeles City District One Councilman, and Mónica García, LAUSD District Two Board Member, joined students, teachers and families for a ribbon cutting on September 9, 2017.

“The importance of strong schools, strong communities, have never been greater,” said Ms. García. “We owe it to our communities to ensure positive educational opportunities for all our children.”

Students have also reflected on the importance of their strong community. Brenda S., who was struggling academically in her local school, was brought reluctantly to University Prep Value.


“My mother brought me here and I didn’t want to come,” Brenda explained. “But now I am truly thankful because University Prep pushed me to do better. I have become inspired here and motivated by the support I get, and now I know I will reach my goal. I have completely changed my life, and my academics are now my main priority, all thanks to UP.”

Value Schools will continue to build safe, nurturing spaces for young people to thrive as there are students and families who need us.


Value Schools Foundation Board Member Matthew O’Connor and his Family at Heal the Bay

One outcome of the Value Schools’ Student Leadership Conference in July was confirmation we have greater impact on the world working together than in isolation. Students committed themselves then to reaching beyond the doors of their own campus to gain support from other students at Value Schools and their wider communities.

Students banded together and helped execute the largest “Heal the Bay” event in Value Schools history.

On September 16, over 200 hundred students, parents, faculty and administrators from our four schools, along with members of our Value Schools Board of Directors, participated in the infamous beach clean up in Venice Beach.

Value Schools home office provided busses for each school to fill with eager volunteers of all ages. 


The power of our community is growing, beyond the doors of a single campus, and our students and families are giving back – together.

ls4The primary purpose at this year's Value Schools Leadership Summit in June was the implementation of Leverage Leadership by our academic teams and educators.

Principals, vice-principals and academic coaches from each school presented accountability plans intended to provide excellent, targeted, and supported instruction across each school campus.

In part, leadership teams used the book Leverage Leadership, A Practical Guide to Building Exceptional Schools by Paul Bambrick-Santoyo as a guide and clear starting point for their work.

The opportunity only solidified our commitment to the values and helped us better understand that all students matter!”
-- Robert Poyer, Principal, University Prep Value

Their goal: focus their efforts and experience to help all our educators get the guidance and skills they need to ensure all students reach their highest academic potential. By sharing plans, leaders from each campus borrowed from and built on the ideas heard throughout the day, learning and supporting one another as they went.

Rob Poyer, Principal at University Prep Value High School, reflected on the event by saying, "We were able to work collaboratively to help our students reach their fullest potential by creating detailed coaching plans for our teachers. We had the opportunity to present our plans to leaders at each campus and utilize the best practices emerging from all our schools. The opportunity only solidified our commitment to the values and helped us better understand that all students matter!"

ls3 ls5

Our CEO David Doyle stated one of the most important outcomes Value Schools seeks for its faculty and staff: "We want our teachers to say, 'I want to teach at a Value Schools because its leadership will train and support me, developing my own potential as a teacher for the benefit of all our students.'"


Group Shot

This July over summer break, forty students representing each campus convened for the first-ever Value Schools Student Leadership Conference. 

Jose Ramos

The conference focused on the qualities and characteristics of leadership Value Schools strives to develop in students. Each participant received and read the book, Mandela's Way by Richard Stengel. In it, students discovered that Nelson Mandela's reflections on leadership helped him not only help him encourage others to develop to their fullest potential, but also helped to overcome his own adversity.

With the generosity of School Board member Jody Foldesy, the conference took place on the 51st floor of Boston Consulting Group, with an extraordinary view of Downtown Los Angeles. 

Value Schools CEO David Doyle assembled local leaders from business, non-profit, community-based organizations, local government, and think tanks. These individuals took time away from their schedules, and offered clarity and inspiration to students on the topic of leadership, commitment, and focus.

The conference helped me develop my voice, to speak for myself, and to be a leader for Value Schools. This experience has given me a roadmap to develop my leadership skills."
-- James Penaloza-Martinez, 11th grade student, University Prep Value High School

  • Linda Gunn, President, Gunn-Jerkens Marketing Communications Inc.
  • Gina Doyle, Director of Development, Society of St. Vincent de Paul of Los Angeles
  • Terry McCarthy, President and CEO, Los Angeles World Affairs Council
  • John Barrett, Resident Managing Director, Aon Risk Solutions
  • Luis Gonzalez, Field Deputy for Los Angeles City Councilmember Gilbert Cedillo
  • Ned Colletti, former General Manager, Los Angeles Dodgers
  • Irene De Anda Lewis, Executive Director, Los Angeles Salvation Army Red Shield Family Center


After seeing the passion and commitment of our students throughout the conference, Terry McCarthy, Los Angeles World Affairs Council President and CEO, invited our students to attend the Second Annual "Future of Asia Conference" held in Santa Monica in September.

Several members of the Boards of Directors of Value Schools also reflected on their experience as leaders and change-makers.

  • Jose Ramos, Children's Bureau of Southern California
  • Naya Bloom, formerly of Teach for America
  • Jeffery Garcia, Capitol Group Financial Services
  • Jody Foldesy, Boston Consulting Group
  • Dawn Nakagawa, Berggruen Institute on Governance

When a presentation came to a close, our students presented a leadership pin to each visiting speaker. Some loved their pin so much they kept it on long after the conference. Ned Colletti, formerly the Los Angeles Dodgers General Manager and co-host of Spectrum Sportsnet LA said, "I wear this pin every day on the set because it represents Value Schools students' commitment to developing leadership."

But the greatest impact was on our students. James Penaloza-Martinez, an 11th grade student at University Prep Value High School said, "The conference helped me develop my voice, to speak for myself, and to be a leader for Value Schools. This experience has given me a roadmap to develop my leadership skills."

We thank all those who participated in the Value Schools Student Leadership Conference and for changing students' perceptions about their role as leaders in the world.

10 Years PinCreating a positive experience for our students and families at Value Schools takes time, perseverance and, most of all, commitment.

In September, CEO David Doyle honored and celebrated the commitment demonstrated by faculty and staff who have served Values Schools for ten or more years.

During Formation Day in August, and at morning and Community Time ceremonies at each campus, ten-year veterans received commitment pins symbolizing and acknowledging their efforts in creating the Value Schools' experience for students and their families.10 Years UPVHS pin

For a brief moment I saw the years at Value Schools as a timeline - opportunities I had to change students’ lives."
-- Vanessa Navarro, dedicated educator since 2004

When Vanessa Navarro, a 14-year veteran of Value Schools received her commitment pin, she said, "For a brief moment I saw the years at Value Schools as a timeline - a timeline that showed students with smiles and tears, with highs and lows."

"I have been part of an institution where people go above and beyond for its students," Ms. Navarro continued. "The tears and lows I imagined on that timeline were opportunities I had to change students' lives. That brings happiness and joy to my heart. This pin represents each of those important moments."

10 Years CCVHS pin

10 Years DVS pin

A plaque exhibiting the names of each of our veteran teachers hangs on the walls of our four campuses as a tribute to our most devoted leaders.

10 Years

Thank you to all of those who have dedicated 10 years or more to the students and families of Value Schools!

David, Doyle, 2003 - CCVHS
Catherine, Scheibe, 2003 - UPVHS
Jose, Uicab, 2003 - CCVHS
Ana, Villanueva, 2003 - DVS
Claudia, Cohen, 2004 - DVS
Alvin, Lamarre, 2004 - CCVHS
Vanessa, Navarro, 2004 - UPVHS
Soccorro, Pena, 2004 - DVS
Marycruz, Quintanilla, 2004 - DVS
Raissa, Adolphe, 2005 - CCVHS
Ana, Chavez, 2005 - DVS
Christopher, Medinger, 2005 - EVS
Alain, Nguidjol, 2005 - CCVHS
Karla, Orellana, 2005 - DVS
Robert, Poyer, 2005 - UPVHS
Nancy, Yucute, 2005 - DVS
Liliana, Gomez, 2006 - DVS
Henry, Martinez, 2006 - DVS
Taylor, Wheeldin, 2006 - DVS
Angela, Abnousi, 2007 - CCVHS
Sulma, Caldera, 2007 - DVS
Maritza, Elgarib-Chavez, 2007 - DVS
Maricruz, Fernandez, 2007 - DVS
Estrella, Garcia-Ciscar, 2007 - CCVHS
David, Yucute, 2007 - DVS
Laura, Diosdado, 2008 - CCVHS

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