building 03Basketball season is always exciting for our students. But facing off against your sister school is thrilling! This year, Downtown Value and Everest Value once again met on the court. Although players from Downtown Value were successful in defending their title, the Everest Value team got closer to clinching the win than ever before!

With support from the Fitzberg Foundation, both Downtown Value and Everest Value have had the opportunity to participate in citywide sports. Although campuses at Value Schools are relatively small compared to other schools in their divisions, our students pride themselves as being contenders year-round.

"They work hard and never give up," said Everest Value Coach Robert Marquez. "That's what it's all about! Seeing what might be and working hard to succeed. That's what Value Schools stands for. That's what the kids do every day."

They work hard and never give up... Seeing what might be and working hard to succeed. That's what Value Schools stands for. That's what the kids do every day."
-- Everest Value Coach Robert Marquez

Downtown Value Education Coach Henry Martinez kept a big-picture perspective. "Sports isn't just about winning or loosing," he said. "It's about taking a loss and coming back stronger the next season. It's good for boys and girls, it's about getting back up and never quitting. It's about living the Values and becoming a better person."

Long-term success requires healthy bodies as well as healthy minds. With the Fitzberg Foundation grant, Value Schools is better equipped to maintain a full complement of team athletics at both its K-8 schools and encourage widespread participation in healthy activities.

Most students at Downtown Value School and Everest Value School participate in Physical Education for 180 minutes (three classes) per week, with supplemental programs such as Running Club for the K-6 students and our Students Run LA Club, in which 7th and 8th graders train for the Los Angeles Marathon.

And there are collateral benefits of team athletics! Along with healthy bodies, athletic participation brings academic benefits that raise achievement levels. Physical activity improves cognitive skills, concentration, attention, and attitude - all of which help improve academic achievement.

"School work always comes first," explained Martinez, "and sports is a way to make sure our boys and girls stay engaged. To participate in sports, each student has high academic expectations. They've got to keep up with their studies if they want to be on the team."
Athletic participation also builds social skills and develops character. Sports can increase self-esteem, encourage goal setting, and bring out leadership skills in children who then use these skills to practice academic excellence in the classroom.

The gift of $25,000 from The Fitzberg Foundation allows Value Schools to maintain a tradition of athletic and academic excellence. We are deeply grateful for the continued support given to Value Schools by the Fitzberg Foundation and Dan Rothenberg!

building 03In March, Value Schools teachers and staff from all four campuses gathered in Griffith Park to celebrate the accomplishments and collaborations taking place this year.

Schools gained points as they competed against one another in volleyball, kickball, and badminton; they won points for school spirit; and during the final round, they battled for position in the values-based obstacle course to win the coveted Teachers Celebrating Teachers Trophy.

It was a raucous and joyous afternoon, culminating in a Habit Burger feast.

The yearly celebration has grown out of a four-school strategy focused on leveraging the skills and learning of academic leaders at each campus to provide excellent, targeted, and supported instruction for all of our students.

"It's an important goal," says Value Schools CEO David Doyle. "The goal has been to focus the efforts and experience of skilled individuals to help all our educators get the guidance and expertise they need to ensure all students reach their highest academic potential."

Teachers Celebrating Teachers is a day where the faculty and staffs from our four schools can spend time together, compete against one another, and build strong relationships.

Ned Colletti with University Prep Value students

Ned Colletti, the former General Manager for the Los Angeles Dodgers, recently met with students on two occasions at University Prep Value. He shared how hard work and dedication helped him become a successful general manager, and how his passion brought him to his current position as a professor at Pepperdine University teaching courses on life management and planning.

Ned Colletti with University Prep Value students"Mr. Colletti was really interesting," said 11th grader Sheilla. "He said, 'steel sharpens steel.' It's like our values - we make each other stronger when we look out for one another. When we have each other's back."

In his Pepperdine University course called The General Manager, and his book The Big Chair: The Smooth Hops and Bad Bounces from the Inside World of the Acclaimed Los Angeles Dodgers General Manager, Mr. Colletti is bringing the skills he has garnered to help our students develop to their fullest potential. 

Value Schools is proud to have such dedicated professionals and scholars on our side!

Mr. Cambridge with special guest Koko ArchibongBeginning last Wednesday, and for five Wednesday's to come, members of the Value Schools Board of Directors are teaching a financial literacy course for students at University Prep Value High School.

The course is led by three Value Schools Board of Directors: Mr. Jeff Garcia (who graduated from Stanford), Mr. Vince Gonzales (who graduated from Stanford and Harvard), and Mr. Grant L. Cambridge (who graduated from Harvard). 

Each is a portfolio manager from Capital Group Companies, the manager of the American Funds. Founded in 1931, Capital Group is a privately held investment management firm located in Los Angeles, CA with assets under management of $1.7 trillion!

The Value School's Financial Literacy course is designed to alert, inform, and educate students in concepts of personal finance and money management. Five broad topics will be the foundation of the course: college and career planning, money management, savings and investing, income and spending. Students are exposed to concepts related to investing, savings, debt, interest rates, compounding, and basic company analysis. The course will also include a stock picking contest.

Mr. Jeff Garcia, Mr. Vince Gonzales, and Mr. Grant L. Cambridge with students

As the first-born son of Nigerian immigrants, my parents always gave me the chance to get great educational opportunities, but I never learned to take care of the money I made along the way."
-- Koko Archibong, Guest Speaker at Value Schools Financial Literacy Course

Grant Cambridge began the first session talking specifically about the basics of financial literacy: supply and demand, return on investments, and the power of compounding interest. And to highlight the impact these practices have in the real world, Mr. Cambridge brought along a very special guest speaker.

Koko Archibong received his education at the University of Pennsylvania and went on to became a professional basketball player. He shared his experience of investing and his attitude toward money with our students. "As the first-born son of Nigerian immigrants, my parents always gave me the chance to get great educational opportunities," he said, "but I never learned to take care of the money I made along the way." He explained to our students it was important to reevaluate his relationship to money in order to better plan for his future.

During the session, Mr. Cambridge helped students deconstruct their own understanding and relationship to money, and educated them on the basic underpinnings of savings, investing and financial planning.

We are all looking forward to learning more from these leaders in the financial field! Value Schools thanks its dedicated and passionate board for helping our students thrive!

We learn better when we work together!

Educators from all four Value Schools' campuses came together to share learnings on Individual Educational Plans

On February 21, leaders and teachers from our four Value Schools who work with students with Individual Educational Plans (IEPS) met at University Prep to share best practices. David Zitin, the RSP Coordinator from Everest Value, moderated the meeting. Meetings such as this one meet our CEO David Doyle's mandate for sharing the educational wisdom and expertise across our four Value Schools in order to better serve our students and their parents.

Students are getting ready to star in Beauty and the Beast!Forty students from Everest Value School and Downtown Value School are working together for the first time in the production of Beauty and the Beast.

Led by Ana Villanueva, Maria Pina and Alice Dryden of Downtown Value and Everest Value, the students are traveling to University Prep Value High School every Wednesday to rehearse with director Larry Watts and musical director Ms. Sullivan.

"Students not only have the chance to work with one another across our K-8 campuses," says Ms. Villanueva, "they also get to spend time and familiarize themselves with the University Prep Value High School campus. We want our kids to have a Value Schools education from kindergarten to 12th grade. Projects like this help students imagine themselves doing just that."

Director Larry Watts prepares Everest Value and Downtown Value students for Beauty and the Beast

Join us for one of three performances! June 8, 2018 at 7:00 PM; and on June 9, 2018 at 2:00 PM and 7:00 PM. All performances will take place at Porticos Art Space, 2033 E Washington Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91104. Come join us for this special event!

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