Central City Value Sophomore Bryant (right) with Junior Carlos (left) visiting Yale University

There are many ways a city can show itself in time of disaster. Sometimes a city can grow out of it within days, and other times it will wallow in sorrow. Yet, Boston made their statement loud and clear so that all can hear. Their statement: we dealt with the problem, and will move forward together. 

Boston, in the moments of tragedy, has already accomplished so much.  They arrested those guilty of the public marathon bombing and the two slain policemen, and the city closed down institutions of higher learning because of the suspects’ ignorance. For those responsible, even though people died and others were severely injured, they left a country on its edge for the sake of nothing, because for those responsible nothing was accomplished. Not a single thing was accomplished because Boston’s sense of unity. The unity of having one goal: to come out stronger and better. This is why the city of Boston will be forever be engrained in my memory. The trip will be stored under lock and key, because it showed what a true city can do.

Yet, I want to go back in time to show where I got this strong emotion in the first place. 12:30am Friday morning upon arrival at the airport I hear the news that there was a shooting at MIT by a suspect of the Boston Marathon bombing.  I immediately thought of my cousin that attends MIT, and as I hear from my cousin that he is fine I go back waiting for what the morning has in store. I turn on the television, and I wake up to a surprise: "MIT, Harvard, Boston University, and Emerson College are all on lockdown. Suspect of MIT shooting is at large." Read more...

CaseyFryeMy trip in Boston was like nothing I have ever experienced. Even as a current college student, I managed to learn different ways to enhance my college experience - preparing for grad school, building my networks, and contributing to the community. In addition, my role during the trip as a chaperone helped me reflect on how much experience I currently have to how to share my journey toward higher education.

As for my experience at the Value Schools, I learned two main things. The first is that there will be no other establishment that cares for my well being -whether that be educationally, emotionally, or mentally - more than Value Schools. The members absolutely dedicate themselves to their responsibility not only as teachers, but also as leaders.

I learned from my experience with the Value Schools is about the Values themselves. They were key to me optimizing the resources and opportunities the School had to offer. I realize that the Five Core Values were not just a school motto but also a life legacy. I see examples of The Values everyday in the world around me, and I see the opportunity to share The Values with this world.


Carlos R. in Boston, MAMy experience in Boston was unforgettable! The moment I stepped out of the plane was like walking into another dimension. Inhaling the crisp Boston air for the first time made me realize that I have subjected my lungs to too much torture for too long – after all, our beautifully decorated city of Los Angeles has the best polluted air to offer. The most memorable aspect of the trip was my visit to Yale University.

Although we were not able to visit Boston University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Emerson college due to the tragic events that occurred on that day (the man responsible for causing the explosion in the Boston Marathon a week earlier murdered a police officer at the M.I.T. campus), we did manage to tour Brown University in Rhode Island, Yale University in Connecticut, and, eventually, Harvard University in Boston, Massachusetts. Read more...

Central City Value College Fair 2013On Tuesday, April 16, 2013, Central City Value's own Ms. Diosdado organized an exciting evening introducing nearly 150 students and parents to a wide variety of local and not-so-local colleges. Presentations and materials were distributed from University of Michigan, University of California at Berkeley, Stanford University, Swarthmore University, University of Chicago, the Peking University, University of St. Andrews, Harvard University, California State University at Fullerton, and the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA).

Highly anticipated presentations by the universities covering subjects like campus life, academic life, and financial aid took place throughout the evening. Students and parents were able to ask questions related to socializing, extracurricular activities, clubs and organizations, majors, professors, research and study abroad.

Click to view photos from the College Fair

The evening was a tremendous success, and students and parents left feeling better equipped to make important educational choices. College night was one more way to celebrate the educational successes of Central City's student population as well as their growing educational aspirations, and to ensure they move forward in their lives with as many tools at their disposal as possible.

Freshman Brittany, Sophmores Javier and Bryant, Juniors Carlos and Justin, and Value Schools Alumni Casey Fry (class of 2011), broadened their educational horizons this week with by visiting some exceptional college campuses.
Boston Welcomes Los Angeles Value Schools Students!

Freshman Brittany, Sophmores Javier and Bryant, Juniors Carlos and Justin, and Value Schools Alumni Casey Frye (class of 2011), broadened their educational horizons this week by visiting some exceptional college campuses.

Value Schools Board Chair Grant Cambridge generously provided his time and money to make the trip a reality, and joined the Value Schools youth on the entire journey. Even in the wake of the recent tragedy in Boston, MA, Mr. Cambridge, Ms. Navarro, and the youth of Central City Value moved ahead, making quick adjustments to make the trip a success.

On their itinerary were Harvard University (Mr. Cambridge's alma mater), Brown University in Providence, RI, and Yale University in New Haven, CT.

While in Boston, our students were able to attend a Boston Red Sox game. The Red Sox welcomed Value School with open arms. They posted on the stadium's center billboard, "Boston Welcomes Los Angeles Value Schools Students!"

Click to view photos from the trip

We look forward to hearing first hand what they saw and how it changed them when our Central City Value students tell their stoires. Check back soon!

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