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Focusing on the true characteristics of what it means to lead, students from Value Schools were inspired to hone their skills during the three-day, end-of-year Youth Leadership Conference. Thirty-four students, ranging from 7th to 12th grades, gathered on the 51st floor of Boston Consulting Group in downtown Los Angeles.

From this majestic vantage, students came prepared to talk about leadership from every angle. Students read the book Mandela's Way by Richard Stengel about Nelson Mandela's capacity for leadership even through adversity; they were encouraged to develop strategies through the lens of the Five Core Values.

leaders 12Students also learned from some of the most influential leaders in business, local government, education, and social service organizations in Los Angeles. From each leaders' perspective, presentations focused on leading others with a clear mission, whether it be in public office, marketing, journalism or sports. This year's presenters were:

  • Monica Garcia, President of the Los Angeles Unified School District School Board
  • Linda Gunn, CEO of Gunn/Jerkens Marketing Communications Inc.
  • Linda Vasquez, Regional Affairs Director at Campaign for College Opportunity
  • Luis Gonzalez, Los Angeles City Council Staff for District 1 City Councilperson Gil Cedillo
  • Ned Colletti, SportsNet LA Television Analyst for the Los Angeles Dodgers, Pepperdine University Professor, and author of The Big Chair: The Smooth Hops and Bad Bounces from the Inside World of the Acclaimed Los Angeles Dodgers General Manager
  • Terry McCarthy, President and CEO of Los Angeles World Affairs Council
  • Jody Foldesy, Partner at The Boston Consulting Group
The conference was a great idea and fantastic learning experience. I will use what i learned today and in the future."
-- Joseph, on his experience of being part of the Value Schools Leadership Conference

During the conference, students developed listening, speaking, thinking and writing skills while working individually and collaboratively. Students grew their presentation skills when sharing their insights with the larger group.

leaders 19When our students completed, they were presented with a special leadership pin. The pin represented each students' challenge: to lead by example and live by the Values.

The pin depicts a compass, symbolizing the journey toward true leadership. The directions on the compass represent the coming together of the four Value Schools. Red represents hopes and dreams. Blue symbolizes the rational mind that makes dreams come true. Green represents the opportunity to provide leadership within the community.

Click to see photos from the Leadership Conference!

At Value Schools, we are all working to lead by example and live by the Values. We are grateful to the community leaders and Board Members who gave their time and expertise to our students by participating in this conference!


Everest Value joined Downtown Value this semester to produce the first cross-campus theatrical performance in Value Schools’ history. 

I like to sing, and you get to remember all the lines and parts and make new friends."
-- - Yulissa, on playing the part of Mrs. Potts in Beauty and the Beast, Jr.

Beauty and the Beast, Jr. was a magical experience for students and parents, complete with historical costuming, elegant set decoration, beautiful lighting, and – most impressively – packed houses! Seats were sold out at every performance on June 8thand 9that Porticos Art Space in Pasadena, CA.

For a week before the performances, students packed a bus and headed to Pasadena for rehearsals. Students from Lasalle High School ran music and lights, and nearly forty Value Schools students got to feel like pros. 

Yulissa, in her portrayal of Mrs. Potts, showed off her skills that weekend with an exquisite voice and a playful attitude.

“It’s fun being on stage,” said Yulissa. “I like to sing, and you get to remember all the lines and parts and make new friends.”

Ana Villanueva, Maria Pina of Downtown Value and Alice Dryden of Everest Value, helped lead the students throughout the semester. Students traveled from their campuses to University Prep Value High School every Wednesday to rehearse with director Larry Watts and musical director Ms. Sullivan. 

Click to see the show!

The experience overall was very positive, and the exposure to one another and Value Schools’ newest high school campus cannot be trivialized. 

"Students not only have the chance to work with one another across our K-8 campuses," says Ms. Villanueva, "they also get to spend time and familiarize themselves with the University Prep Value High School campus. We want our kids to have a Value Schools education from kindergarten to 12th grade. Projects like this help students imagine themselves doing just that."

Beginning in February, members of the Value Schools Board of Directors embarked on a six-week journey with University Prep Value High School students to help them develop strong financial literacy skills.
Led by three members of the Value Schools Board of Directors – Mr. Jeff Garcia (who graduated from Stanford), Mr. Vince Gonzales (who graduated from Stanford and Harvard), and Mr. Grant L. Cambridge (who graduated from Harvard) – the Value Schools Financial Literacy Course was designed to alert, inform, and educate students to concepts of personal finance and money management. Broad topics were the foundation for the course: college and career planning, money management, savings and investing, income and spending. Students were exposed to concepts related to investing, savings, debt, interest rates, compounding, and basic company analysis.
The course culminated with a tour of an active trading floor at the Los Angeles Bank of America building, and an exciting “stock picking” contest and portfolio presentation on Capital Group’s 53rd floor.
Click to see the young investors!
Students in teams of four pitched fellow investors on the long-term sustainability of investment opportunities found in the companies Amazon, Tiffany and Co., Coca-Cola, Intel, and Apple. Presentations covered historical trends, evaluations on competition, branding, consumer demand, and the students’ long-term investment assessments.
Students were nervous as their portfolio pitches were evaluated by Capital Group investors Garcia, Gonzales, and Cambridge, along with assessment analysts and visiting powerhouse investors like Michael Stockton, the Vice President of Fund Business Management Group at Capital.
The students developed a better understanding of financial literacy fundamentals and were praised by investors (investors whose institution manages over $1.7 trillion in assets!) as having done an outstanding job assessing their chosen markets.
Value Schools thanks its dedicated and passionate Board of Directors for this exciting experience, and for helping ensure all Value Schools’ students thrive.
gradchart2This year, Value Schools had 103 seniors cross the stage to receive their diplomas. This accounts for 90% of the Central City Value High School senior class. Value Schools' graduating class is 13% higher than the district average.
Of those who graduated, 99% are continuing their education in four-year colleges and universities, participating in two-year art or trade schools, or joining the armed forces.
69% of the graduating class were accepted to four-year colleges and universities. Among other students in Los Angeles, these numbers are stellar. According to National Center for Education Statistics, only about 38% of students within the Los Angeles Unified School district apply and are accepted to four-year institutions.
The institutions graduates of Value Schools were accepted are some of the best in the state.
  • University of California, Berkeley (UCB)
  • University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
  • University of California, Riverside (UCR)
  • San Francisco State University (SFSU)
  • San Diego State University California State
  • Los Angeles California State, San Bernardino
Not many schools in Los Angeles can boast such success, and Value Schools has much to be proud of!

On Saturday, May 26, 2018, the graduating class of Central City Value High School gathered at Immanuel Presbyterian Church to celebrate the work they have accomplished, and to look forward to a bright and exciting future!

2018gradcelebrate 110

Best High Schools 20182018 marks an exciting year for Central City Value graduating seniors. Once again, Central City Value High School was bestowed a Silver Award by US News and World Report as one of the best high schools in America.

One hundred and three of our seniors (90% of the senior class) crossed the stage to receive their diplomas. Of those who graduated, 99% are continuing their education in four-year colleges and universities, participating in two-year art or trade schools, or joining the armed forces. 69% of the graduating class were accepted to four-year colleges and universities, such as:

  • University of California, Berkeley (UCB)
  • As you enter this next phase in your journey, I charge you to think of yourself as the CEO of your own learning academy. That you can drive your big, bold vision for learning and that many new worlds will open to you… Be resilient, ask for help. Fear sharpens you, it makes you stronger. And when you run away from fear, you run away from the opportunity to be your best self and reach your potential."
    -- Board Member and Keynote Speaker, Naya Bloom
  • University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
  • University of California, Riverside (UCR)
  • San Francisco State University (SFSU)
  • San Diego State University
  • California State, Los Angeles
  • California State, San Bernadino

Not many schools can boast such success, and our Jaguars have much to be proud of!

The day's celebration began with Principal Joaquin Arroyo, followed by a passionate keynote speech from Value Schools Foundation Board Member Naya Bloom.

At Value Schools, we know a high school diploma is only a step to a lifetime of learning. We share the expectation that all our 21st century graduates will continue to make a positive difference in the world. And there are those that have stepped forward to ensure our students will not take this journey alone!

Friends of Value Schools

Remarkably generous individuals, who understand the barriers many of our students face when embarking on their educational journey, have joined forces with one another to provide scholarships to some of the most successful and dedicated students at Central City Value, giving them a leg-up in their educational voyage. We thank them all for their generous support, without which many of our students might not be able to reach their educational dreams.

We would like to thank those who have generously contributed to Value Schools and supported our students in their quest for higher education:

2018gradceremony 64
Value Schools Board Member Naya Bloom presents The Chairman's Scholarship to graduate Ximena Avalos.

The Chairman's Scholarship

We will always have the power to continue our education. And to rise!"
-- Chariman Scholarship Winner, Ximena Avalos

Established in 2010 by Don Conlan (Founding Board Chair) and Grant Cambridge (acting Board Chair), the Chairman's Scholarship provides $10,000 toward the recipient's first full-year of college expenses, and provides an incentive for Value Schools' students to strive for and attend a leading four-year university as ranked by US News & World report. The recipient must have been accepted to a leading four-year college, show high academic achievement, and demonstrate a commitment to our five core values. The Chairman's Scholarship recipient will receive ongoing mentoring from the Chairman of Board, Grant Cambridge.

We are proud to note that over the seven years the coveted Chariman's Scholarship has been awarded, 100% of recipients have gone to-and-through 4-year universities. This 2018 recipient of the Chairman's Scholarship was awarded to Senior Ximena Avalos as she embarks on her first year journey to the University of California, Berkeley. CONGRATULATIONS, Ximena!

Value Schools Jon Lovelace Math Scholars Award

The Value Schools' Math Scholarship recognizes students who excell in math. This $1,000 Scholarship is the result of the generosity of Mr. Richard Beleson, who demonstrated value #5 of giving back to our community. Mr. Beleson is a retired biotechnology investor from the Capital Group Companies, and made this scholarship in the name of Jon Lovelace, an avid fan of statistics, math, and securities analysis. The 2018 Math Scholarship was awarded to Mabel Araujo. Congratulations!

We thank Mr. Beleson for his generous support, and congratulate Mabel for her accomplishment!

Value Schools Scholarship

The Values Scholarships are awarded to individuals planning to attend a Community College, and have exemplified all of our values. This year, the Board of Directors raised enough funds to support twenty (20) graduating seniors. The intent of this $500 scholarship is to start students on their educational journey, remind them to strive and transfer to a four year university, and remember the importance of going to-and-through college!

  • Carlos Aguilar
  • Erick Anell
  • Neidy Barrios
  • Gian De Jesus
  • Jackie De La Rosa
  • George Enriquez
  • Nataly Galdamez
  • Nancy Hernandez
  • Daniela Lopez
  • Erick Lopez
  • Jeannette Mendoza
  • Alejandra Merino
  • Julio Morales
  • Guadalupe Perez
  • Karla Quezada
  • Melissa Rivas
  • Dalia Sanchez De La Rosa
  • Eduardo Santos
  • Alan Solano
  • Javier Zamora

Click to see the day's events!

Click to see the graduates!

Value Schools is proud of our 2018 graduates, and honored to have such supportive individuals dedicated to their continued educational success. Donors supporting the scholarship programs at Value Schools include Grant & Peggy Cambridge, Don Conlan, Rich & Julie Wolf, Greg Wendt, Daniel Rothenberg, Helen Ryu, James Bray, Martin Romo, and Andrew Suzman. Thanks to all of you who continue to support our 2018 Graduates!

Sam Stockton, undergraduate at of Dartmouth College, volunteering time at Everest Value SchoolSam Stockton did not graduate from Value Schools. He came by way of Dartmouth College where he is studying to be an educator. He spent his winter break giving back to students at Everest Value School.

Sam wanted real-world experience in an innovative educational environment. He believed giving his time could help students get better. What he didn't expect was the kids and teachers at Everest Value School might alter the way he thinks of education.

"My father, who works with Value Schools Board Chair Grant Cambridge, introduced me to Value Schools," Sam explains. "It's definitely made me understand what is effective for our Values students, and what are effective educational tools."

Sam didn't know quite what to expect when he began. He soon found himself working directly with kids, assisting with reading and math. The teachers appreciated having extra resources, and students felt comfortable reaching out to someone as caring as Sam.

"It's absolutely a challenge to work with 30 kids at once, and the teachers at Everest Value are so innovative. The teachers are always able to adapt and make the students' experience better. They all care for one another. They support one another."

The teachers at Everest Value are so innovative. The teachers are always able to adapt and make the students' experience better."

-- Sam Stockton, Volunteer at Everest Value School

Sam was also struck by how deeply the Values inform the rigor of the students, especially when it came to Value One: We think that going to school right now is the most important thing we can do.

"The students really want to be in school," he said, "They want to be learning. And they push each other to learn more. The Values help them internalize their goals, and those learner objectives are very helpful to them."

Students from Everest often gave shout-outs to Sam, thanking him for his support and for being, as one student put it, "...a great friend, a great helper... He helped us reach our fullest potential." And all this has had a big influence on Sam.

"The principal is involved with everything," he says. "The teachers and students at Everest have an exciting spirit that goes through every single person. That engagement convinces everyone that being here is an important thing to do. And that has been very rewarding for me."

Value Schools thanks Sam for giving his time, wisdom, and care to the students and families of Value Schools, and wishes him success in his own academic adventures!

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