Ana Chavez, Chief of Operations and Compliance at Value SchoolsWe are thrilled to announce Ana Chavez has been selected to fulfill the newly-created role of Chief of Operations and Compliance at Value Schools. In this role, Ms. Chavez will be a critical member of the Value Schools leadership team responsible for directing and coordinating organization-wide and multi-campus events and programs. Ms. Chavez will work with school leaders and administrators to help support and develop:
  • LAUSD compliance, charter renewals, accreditation, LCAPs, WASCs, and school policies
  • Leverage Leadership implementation
  • Best practices for student recruitment and retention
  • Collaborative projects involving multiple school sites
  • Risk management and safety procedures
  • The strategic direction of Value Schools
Ms. Chavez brings a lifetime of experience to this exciting new position. Her deep and longstanding appreciation for the values, along with her positive relationships with the home office leadership, principals, teachers, and staff make her a natural choice.
Ms. Chavez began working with Value Schools In 2005 as a 7th grade Math and Science teacher. She was promoted to Assistant Principal in 2007 and took the role of Principal in 2012. In those roles, Ms. Chavez worked collaboratively with teachers, staff, administrators and parents to ensure that students at Downtown Value School were academic achievers, goal seekers, respectful scholars, and global citizens. Over the last two years, Ms. Chavez held the role of Attendance Specialist and helped raise ADA considerably and secure over $100,000 in additional educational funding for our schools.
With a BS in Psychology from the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), an MA in Education and Administrative Credential from the California State University, Sacramento, Ms. Chavez has supported students throughout her career. She began as a math and science teacher for Soledad Enrichment Action (S.E.A) Charter School in 1999. As a lead teacher and academic counselor, she led a team ensuring the safety and education of at-risk female students in the juvenile justice system.
Ms. Chavez immigrated to the United States in 1986 from El Salvador at the age of ten. She attended Magnolia Elementary School, Berendo Middle School, and Los Angeles High School. Her work with children in inner-city schools has been and continues to be her passion as she strives to remain knowledgeable about community and education issues that affect students and their families.
We are proud to have Ms. Chavez represent Value Schools in the newly created role of Chief of Operations and Compliance.

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