leverageleadershipOn Wednesday, February 13, 2019, David Doyle welcomed forty leaders from our schools to continue to work on his Goal #1: develop leadership at each school.

David has tasked each school group with developing and implementing a "Leverage Leadership" framework to help our good educators become great. In this model, effective leadership is not about the innate charisma, charm or personality of the educator - it's about how a teacher uses time within the classroom.

The objective is to develop systems that enable teachers to continually improve their instruction, and ultimately be able to say, "I want to teach at Value Schools because the leadership helps me develop my potential as a teacher so I can provide great instruction for our students."

jayOur leaders worked collaboratively to identify both programs already in place and programs yet to be developed to better support Value #1 and Value #2: 

Academic excellence is the means to a full life. Academic learning develops a person's capacities to enjoy life, to live cooperatively and comfortably with others, to contribute to the economic wellbeing of oneself and society and to be an active citizen. Anything less than striving for excellence deprives both students and society. The fundamental means to excellence is teachers who offer expert instruction with high expectations for performance, students who are disciplined learners, and standards of accountability for both.

Each student can develop to his or her fullest potential. Each person is different, but each is gifted with talents and abilities. While each ought to excel in an area of special talent, each also should develop the whole range of human talents to the maximum extent possible. Schools have the responsibility of assisting parents and the students to identify areas of special talent and, at the same time, guide students so that no area of learning is neglected.


As our teams work to develop their strategies for implementing Leverage Leadership and systems to improve teacher instruction, David plans to hold additional sessions to survey leaders and share those outcomes with the APAC Committee and the Board of Directors.