Mr. Cambridge with special guest Koko ArchibongBeginning last Wednesday, and for five Wednesday's to come, members of the Value Schools Board of Directors are teaching a financial literacy course for students at University Prep Value High School.

The course is led by three Value Schools Board of Directors: Mr. Jeff Garcia (who graduated from Stanford), Mr. Vince Gonzales (who graduated from Stanford and Harvard), and Mr. Grant L. Cambridge (who graduated from Harvard). 

Each is a portfolio manager from Capital Group Companies, the manager of the American Funds. Founded in 1931, Capital Group is a privately held investment management firm located in Los Angeles, CA with assets under management of $1.7 trillion!

The Value School's Financial Literacy course is designed to alert, inform, and educate students in concepts of personal finance and money management. Five broad topics will be the foundation of the course: college and career planning, money management, savings and investing, income and spending. Students are exposed to concepts related to investing, savings, debt, interest rates, compounding, and basic company analysis. The course will also include a stock picking contest.

Mr. Jeff Garcia, Mr. Vince Gonzales, and Mr. Grant L. Cambridge with students

As the first-born son of Nigerian immigrants, my parents always gave me the chance to get great educational opportunities, but I never learned to take care of the money I made along the way."
-- Koko Archibong, Guest Speaker at Value Schools Financial Literacy Course

Grant Cambridge began the first session talking specifically about the basics of financial literacy: supply and demand, return on investments, and the power of compounding interest. And to highlight the impact these practices have in the real world, Mr. Cambridge brought along a very special guest speaker.

Koko Archibong received his education at the University of Pennsylvania and went on to became a professional basketball player. He shared his experience of investing and his attitude toward money with our students. "As the first-born son of Nigerian immigrants, my parents always gave me the chance to get great educational opportunities," he said, "but I never learned to take care of the money I made along the way." He explained to our students it was important to reevaluate his relationship to money in order to better plan for his future.

During the session, Mr. Cambridge helped students deconstruct their own understanding and relationship to money, and educated them on the basic underpinnings of savings, investing and financial planning.

We are all looking forward to learning more from these leaders in the financial field! Value Schools thanks its dedicated and passionate board for helping our students thrive!

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