10 Years PinCreating a positive experience for our students and families at Value Schools takes time, perseverance and, most of all, commitment.

In September, CEO David Doyle honored and celebrated the commitment demonstrated by faculty and staff who have served Values Schools for ten or more years.

During Formation Day in August, and at morning and Community Time ceremonies at each campus, ten-year veterans received commitment pins symbolizing and acknowledging their efforts in creating the Value Schools' experience for students and their families.10 Years UPVHS pin

For a brief moment I saw the years at Value Schools as a timeline - opportunities I had to change students’ lives."
-- Vanessa Navarro, dedicated educator since 2004

When Vanessa Navarro, a 14-year veteran of Value Schools received her commitment pin, she said, "For a brief moment I saw the years at Value Schools as a timeline - a timeline that showed students with smiles and tears, with highs and lows."

"I have been part of an institution where people go above and beyond for its students," Ms. Navarro continued. "The tears and lows I imagined on that timeline were opportunities I had to change students' lives. That brings happiness and joy to my heart. This pin represents each of those important moments."

10 Years CCVHS pin

10 Years DVS pin

A plaque exhibiting the names of each of our veteran teachers hangs on the walls of our four campuses as a tribute to our most devoted leaders.

10 Years

Thank you to all of those who have dedicated 10 years or more to the students and families of Value Schools!

David, Doyle, 2003 - CCVHS
Catherine, Scheibe, 2003 - UPVHS
Jose, Uicab, 2003 - CCVHS
Ana, Villanueva, 2003 - DVS
Claudia, Cohen, 2004 - DVS
Alvin, Lamarre, 2004 - CCVHS
Vanessa, Navarro, 2004 - UPVHS
Soccorro, Pena, 2004 - DVS
Marycruz, Quintanilla, 2004 - DVS
Raissa, Adolphe, 2005 - CCVHS
Ana, Chavez, 2005 - DVS
Christopher, Medinger, 2005 - EVS
Alain, Nguidjol, 2005 - CCVHS
Karla, Orellana, 2005 - DVS
Robert, Poyer, 2005 - UPVHS
Nancy, Yucute, 2005 - DVS
Liliana, Gomez, 2006 - DVS
Henry, Martinez, 2006 - DVS
Taylor, Wheeldin, 2006 - DVS
Angela, Abnousi, 2007 - CCVHS
Sulma, Caldera, 2007 - DVS
Maritza, Elgarib-Chavez, 2007 - DVS
Maricruz, Fernandez, 2007 - DVS
Estrella, Garcia-Ciscar, 2007 - CCVHS
David, Yucute, 2007 - DVS
Laura, Diosdado, 2008 - CCVHS

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