Brittany Loew celebrates having broken into the Ivy Leagues at Central City Value

Brittany celebrates acceptances to multiple prestigeous universities

Brittany L., in her senior year at Central City Value High School, applied to more than fifteen colleges and universities.  And acceptance letters to some of the most well established and impressive institutions are rolling in – Brown College, Swarthmore College, Williams College, and UC Berkeley have all welcomed her with open arms.

But she didn’t start her journey to university in the 12th grade. Her family encouraged her to prioritize her education and Brittany knew she would have to excel in order to attend an Ivy League college.

"From a very early age, I just saw this plan in my mind – that having a good education would give me more opportunities to explore my passions and achieve the kind of success I wanted.”

One inspiration for Brittany was the Back East Scholars Trip (BEST) she took as a freshman. Instituted by Board Chair Grant Cambridge, the BEST program is an all-expenses-paid excursion giving promising Value School students an opportunity to visit college campuses across the East Coast, exposing them to educational institutions and opportunities that might otherwise feel intimidating.

From a very early age, I just saw this plan in my mind – that having a good education would give me more opportunities to explore my passions and achieve the kind of success I wanted."
- Brittany, Senior, Central City Value

"Before we visited it seemed so out of reach, like a magical cloud,” said Brittany. "But when Mr. Cambridge took us to visit those colleges, I fell in love with Massachusetts, and Rhode Island, and all these places. I met so many students who are passionate about learning and motivated like me. I saw so much diversity. And I saw myself there. Going to one of these elite universities didn't seem as far out of reach as it did before. It gave me a lot more courage and it opened up a lot more possibilities for me."

Brittany’s efforts throughout her time at Central City Value have often been celebrated. Laura Diosdado, the College Counselor, has worked with Brittany and watched her grow as a scholar and as a person.

“Brittany’s worked hard, and she has a strong vision and work ethic,” said Ms. Diosdado. “Everyone knew she would go far, but she’s knocking it out of the park.  She’ll do great out there!”

In addition to Brown, Swarthmore, Williams and UC Berkeley, Brittany has also been accepted to UC San Diego, UC Davis, Cal State Los Angeles, San Luis Obispo, and CSU Long Beach.  She awaits acceptance letters from the remaining elites on her list: Harvard College, Stanford University, UCLA, Amherst College, Bowdoin University, Bates College, Reed College, and Skidmore College.

Congratulations, Brittany, you’ve made Value Schools proud!

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