PJ Drive 2018 Parents LetterEverest Value School's founding kindergarten class is now in the fourth grade. During their four years at the school, each student and their classroom teachers have worked to empower the students to give back. And this year is no exception.

Ms. Wilcox has worked with her fourth grade class to sponsor a Pajama Drive for those in need this holiday season.

“When the weather gets cold and rainy,” reminds Ms. Wilcox, “it is important to remember not everyone is fortunate enough to have cozy pajamas to keep them warm and dry!”

The fourth grade students spent the week traveling from classroom to classroom, convincing others to support their campaign.
Every Everest Value classroom donated new pajamas for needy children and adults - 95 sets in all! And because Scholastic is donating one book for every set of pajamas donated, Everest Value now has 95 soon-to-arrive new reading opportunities for every Everest Value student. 
Congratulations to Ms. Wilcox's fourth grade class for a successful campaign and for demonstrating Value 5. You are all helping others and making a better world!

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