Yiting at UP's PianoThree years ago, our generous donors Mr. and Mrs. Joe and Dorothy Clougherty, gave their piano to Value Schools.
Since then, students from University Prep Value and Downtown Value have used the piano in musical performances, dance recitals and theatrical events.
It also acts as a space of daily practice and joy for one of our students, Yiting, a sophomore at University Prep Value. Take a look at Yiting’s video. Her talents are striking and infectious.

We've reached 60% of our goal!For the second year in a row, our students and families came together to support We Climb, our $4 Million campaign for a state-of-the-art campus for Everest Value School. 

Students from every campus celebrated, heightened community awareness, and raised over $1250 toward the campaign by making and selling t-shirts and participating in “free dress” day.

And... we have achieved 60% of our $4 Million dollar goal!

With plans to open a new building in September of 2021, our We Climb committees have been busy. The Architecture and Planning Committee has surveyed parents, students and faculty to collect a united vision for the new building. Our Community and Government Committee is working with the Rampart Village Neighborhood Council, the city planning office, and Councilperson Mitch O'Farrell's office to secure permits. The Fundraising Committee has been busy planning events and reaching out to donors. 

We can now see the summit in the distance. We know our community's growth lies not at the mountain's peak, but with each step we take on our journey toward the summit. Together we plan, strive, and persevere. We know you will be with us when we reach the top. We climb as a team. We succeed as a team. Together, We Climb.

View the embedded image gallery online at:

Ana Chavez, Chief of Operations and Compliance at Value SchoolsWe are thrilled to announce Ana Chavez has been selected to fulfill the newly-created role of Chief of Operations and Compliance at Value Schools. In this role, Ms. Chavez will be a critical member of the Value Schools leadership team responsible for directing and coordinating organization-wide and multi-campus events and programs. Ms. Chavez will work with school leaders and administrators to help support and develop:
  • LAUSD compliance, charter renewals, accreditation, LCAPs, WASCs, and school policies
  • Leverage Leadership implementation
  • Best practices for student recruitment and retention
  • Collaborative projects involving multiple school sites
  • Risk management and safety procedures
  • The strategic direction of Value Schools
Ms. Chavez brings a lifetime of experience to this exciting new position. Her deep and longstanding appreciation for the values, along with her positive relationships with the home office leadership, principals, teachers, and staff make her a natural choice.
Ms. Chavez began working with Value Schools In 2005 as a 7th grade Math and Science teacher. She was promoted to Assistant Principal in 2007 and took the role of Principal in 2012. In those roles, Ms. Chavez worked collaboratively with teachers, staff, administrators and parents to ensure that students at Downtown Value School were academic achievers, goal seekers, respectful scholars, and global citizens. Over the last two years, Ms. Chavez held the role of Attendance Specialist and helped raise ADA considerably and secure over $100,000 in additional educational funding for our schools.
With a BS in Psychology from the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), an MA in Education and Administrative Credential from the California State University, Sacramento, Ms. Chavez has supported students throughout her career. She began as a math and science teacher for Soledad Enrichment Action (S.E.A) Charter School in 1999. As a lead teacher and academic counselor, she led a team ensuring the safety and education of at-risk female students in the juvenile justice system.
Ms. Chavez immigrated to the United States in 1986 from El Salvador at the age of ten. She attended Magnolia Elementary School, Berendo Middle School, and Los Angeles High School. Her work with children in inner-city schools has been and continues to be her passion as she strives to remain knowledgeable about community and education issues that affect students and their families.
We are proud to have Ms. Chavez represent Value Schools in the newly created role of Chief of Operations and Compliance.
The We Climb campaign is now in full swing!The We Climb campaign is now in full swing! Value Schools is excited to announce the completed negotiations and thirty-two-year lease of a new Everest Value School campus.
Located at 241 N. Westmoreland Avenue, the new Everest Value campus will be directly across the street from Central City Value High School, providing a convenient opportunity for a seamless kindergarten through 12th grade experience.
We now begin the two-year trek to a new campus together with architects, project managers, government leaders, our Everest community and our other Value Schools.
We've raised over 58% of our $4 million goal!Our government committee will partner with the Rampart Village Neighborhood Council to help secure the Conditional Use Permit from the city of Los Angeles planning department. The architecture team, with input from our stakeholders, will help design a brand new, state-of-the-art facility that will allow Everest to provide a Value Schools' education for 480 students (at its current site, Everest is limited to 250 students). With over 58% of our $4 Million goal raised in the first year alone, we know we will reach the top as our fundraising efforts continue.
We plan to open the new building in the fall of 2021, and the Value Schools community is inspired. When hearing the news, parents, students and teachers quickly committed their time to spearhead our architectural, government and fundraising committees.
Your commitment of time, expertise, and financial support will ensure we complete our journey. With such dedicated and visionary people on our side, We Climb is proving a great success - what a difference your support makes in the lives of our students!
We can now see the summit in the distance. We know our community's growth lies not at the mountain's peak, but with each step we take on our journey toward the summit. Together we plan, strive, and persevere. We know you will be with us when we reach the top. We climb as a team. We succeed as a team. Together, we climb.
Stay tuned for exciting We Climb sponsorship opportunities and, from all of us at Value Schools, thank you for your ongoing and continued support!
Value Schools

Charter Chat PodcastAna Chavez, Attendance Specialist at Value Schools and former Principal of Downtown Value School, was recently featured in the first episode of The Charter Chat Podcast, a media program hosted by Juliet Lucero focused on the stories from the charter school movement.

In the episode, Chavez discusses her own educational history and how it ultimately motivated her to give back to a community that supported her own educational journey as a youth. She reminds us of the foundational underpinnings of Value Schools and why its founder, Jerome Porath, aimed to create a secular educational option for students that focuses on the development of character, as well as their educational outcomes. 

Ana Chavez, Attendance Specialist, Value SchoolsShe goes on to explain how the Values help families envision positive educational outcomes for their children, and how the Values support not simply the idea going to college, but graduating from college.

Chavez considered the challenges charter schools face when attempting to secure facilities, and how our We Climb Campaign for Everest Value School epitomizes the need for safe, engaging spaces for youth. 

We now have quite a few students at these Ivy League schools now providing tours for our incoming students. That is so incredibly rewarding!”
-- Ana Chavez, Attendance Specialist, Value Schools

Chavez also discussed how the educational framework at Value Schools is working by exposing students to educational environments they may not have otherwise experienced. She highlighted how the Value Schools Board of Directors works on multiple levels to support our students. 

“Grant Cambridge takes students each year to the East Coast to tour Ivy League schools like Brown, MIT, and Harvard,” Chavez said. “We now have quite a few students at these Ivy League schools providing tours for our incoming students. That is so incredibly rewarding!”

Check out Ms. Chavez's episode here and listen to all the episodes of The Charter Chat Podcast here! You can also subscribe the podcast on Apple or Google Play.

Innovate Public Schools Los Angeles, in Partnership with USC Price School of Public Policy, recently published a striking efficacy report on Los Angeles County elementary, middle and high schools[1].

The report shows a list of L.A. County public schools that are closing opportunity gaps. These are schools beating the statewide average for low-income Latino or African American students in one or more factors including math and reading scores, and college eligibility rates, while maintaining low suspension rates.

According to the report, just over 12% of schools in Los Angeles County are helping to successfully close the gap for low-income Latino students – and Value Schools is on their list!

Innovate Public Schools has found that:

  • 2,068 schools are in operation in Los Angeles County.
  • 1,331 of those schools serve a significant number of low-income Latino students.
  • 257 of them are considered Top Schools. 

Innovate Public Schools FindingsWith a greater percentage of low-income Latino students than most schools in Los Angeles County, Value Schools is making a difference in the lives of students who need it most. The report shows that among:

High Schools providing a top-rated education for low-income Latino students:

  • Central City Value High School is ranked 25thamong high schools in LA County.

Middle Schools teaching Math:

  • Everest Value School is ranked 19thamong middle schools in LA County.

Elementary Schools teaching English:

  • Everest Value School is ranked 106thamong elementary schools in the county;
  • Downtown Value School is ranked 120thamong elementary schools in LA County.

[1]"Top LA County Public Schools - 2019." Innovate Public Schools. April 29, 2019. Accessed April 29, 2019. https://reports.innovateschools.org/top-la-public-schools/

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