One purpose for having a dress code at University Prep is to demonstrate unity among our students.  Our students are unified in both determination and purpose in pursing the best education possible while minimizing distractions.  When a student at University Prep puts on the navy blue polo shirt and khaki pants or shorts, he or she is making a statement, in physical terms that he/she is ready to pursue the goal of attaining an exceptional education.
The logo, displayed on the right front of the shirt and covering the heart, symbolizes our school’s five values and our students’ belief that their lives will be enhanced with adherence to those same five values. 

Another point to our dress code is safety.  When all of our students are adhering to the dress code, it will be obvious by sight that only University Prep students are present in the building and school yard.  Outsiders or people who do not belong on school grounds will be recognized immediately.

Practical Matters

The following dress code is enforced at University Prep Value High School:

  1. The blue or maroon polo shirt must be visible.  Other types of shirts or blouses worn over the blue polo shirt will not be permitted. Girls’ shorts should not be too short and boys’ pants should fit at the waistline.
  2. Sweaters and sweatshirts must be from the University Prep brand.  University Prep sweatshirts representing athletic teams and physical education are permitted.  Senior class sweatshirts designed and distributed by the Leadership Council are permitted.  Navy blue sweatshirts purchased at University Prep which include the shield are permitted.  Navy blue sweatshirts purchased at retail outlets are permitted once the student has received and attached the shield logo which will be made available from the Leadership Council.
  3. All other jackets or sweatshirts.
  4. As a college preparatory high school we celebrate the fact that the academic goal of our students is to attend a 4-year university.  Therefore, a university style sweatshirt may be worn on the last Friday of each month.

Choosing to attend University Prep Value School means choosing to wear the uniform.  Keeping a strict uniform policy reduces distractions and keeps students focused on learning.  Students who are out of uniform or who must be reminded will earn increasing consequences including detention or an unsatisfactory evaluation.

The Dress Code for University Prep Value School is the following:

The only acceptable uniform is plain, khaki/beige pants or shorts worn with a University Prep Value School navy polo shirt with a collar.

Only collared, pullover University Prep Value navy polo shirts are acceptable.

A sweatshirt may be worn over a collared shirt. Only a college logo, navy plain sweatshirt, or UPVHS sweatshirt may be worn.  However, the collared shirt must be worn at all times under the sweatshirt. Sweatshirt hoods may not be worn over the head inside the school building.

Only khaki/beige pants or shorts may be worn.  No Blue jeans, oversized pants, torn or ragged pants, athletic wear or sweat pants may be worn.  Pants must fit properly and must be worn over the hips with a belt.  Pants must be long enough to reach the ankle.

Shoes and Socks
Only dress shoes and athletic shoes may be worn.  No open-toed shoes are allowed. Socks are required at all times.

Hair is to be clean and neatly groomed at all times and may not constitute a distraction.

Body Decorations and Accessories
No tattoo may be visible while a student is on campus or at a school event.  Studded accessories, utility chains, or any other type of jewelry or accessory that might be distracting or harmful are not acceptable.  All accessories should be appropriate for school.

P.E. Clothes
All students enrolled in physical education classes must wear a University Prep Value School P.E. uniform.  The uniform is to be washed and kept in good repair. P.E. clothes are not to be shared among students.


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