University Prep Value High SchoolWelcome to University Prep Value High School

Dear Parents, Guardians, and Caregivers,

We have a unique opportunity to create an exceptional high school experience for our students and your daughters and sons.  Working together to understand and act on the five core values of our school is the most important focal point of our energy. 

As our name implies, we are working to prepare our students to acquire the knowledge, skills, grit, and determination needed to successfully graduate from the four-year university.

As a member of the Value Schools family, our faculty challenges students to learn the meaning of the values and to use the values to guide their decision making.  When students commit to this challenge, they prepare themselves for the future they wish to create.  We tell our students they are not alone in this endeavor; their teachers and their classmates provide guidance and encouragement from the first day of freshmen year to graduation day and beyond.  All members of the community are responsible for creating a safe, nurturing learning community where all students are not only respected, but are willing to take academic risks in the classroom for the sake of growth.

We believe parents are the primary educators of their children.  At our school, we take those words very seriously.  We want parents to be involved in the formation of our school community. Parents can join the School Site Council, the Parent Advisory Council and can volunteer to help the faculty and staff with student activities. Simply put, when parents participate in their children's school, students perform better in the classroom.

Communication is vitally important.  In an effort to save paper, this year our Parent-Student Handbook will be published on our website (but will print a copy of the handbook if requested).  We conduct student-parent-advisor meetings each semester to foster communication, and to monitor student progress.  In addition, parents and students have 24 hour a day access to student grades online at PowerSchool.  We also employ Facebook to provide information to families and to create an illustrated history of our school. 

Together, let’s build an exceptional high school!

Mr. David Doyle, M.Ed.
University Prep Value High School
Los Angeles, California

If you are interested in visiting our campus please contact me, David Doyle, to arrange a student-guided tour.

Classrooms at UPThe Mission of University Prep Value High School

University Prep Value High School facilitates the learning of the secondary school students who choose it so that they may become persons who make a difference for their society and their world.

The persons who will make a difference are those women and men who have received a sound education.  They can be characterized by the five core values; they will be citizens of their society and their world who:

  • actively seek to continue to learn throughout their lives;
  • have both the basic knowledge and skills that all persons can acquire and the refinement of those special talents that each person possesses;
  • respect every person and work to promote the dignity of each person;
  • find in collaborating with others that the community can gain more than what individuals can achieve on their own;
  • give something back to society through employment, civic and political participation, family life and community service from the benefit received from education.

For imporant school-related information, visit our School Regulations, Plans, & Policies section.

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