What is the process for enrollment?
Central City Value High School is a LAUSD Charter school, open to anyone of school-going age, and for new incoming students, applications for admission are decided by lottery draw. You can apply year-round, but a spot at Central City Value is not guaranteed.

When is the lottery?
A lottery date is set for the second Friday in January each year at 8:00 AM in the Community Room.  The first lottery date for 2016/2017 School Year is January 15, 2016. Spots are not guaranteed, but you do not have to be present for the drawing to be accepted to the school.

Who is present at the lottery?
Everyone is invited to participate in the drawing. The lottery is conducted in the school's community room by the principal or the principal's delegate. 

After filling out the application, when will I know if my teen has been selected to attend Central City Value High School?
Those selected for admission are notified by telephone call from the school secretary. If the secretary is unable to talk to the parent, the secretary will leave a message asking the parent to call to establish an appointment. If the parent fails to call within two days, the next person on the waiting list is called. At the time of the call an appointment is scheduled for the parent to complete the admissions process. If the parent fails to come for appointment and does not reschedule, the student's seat is assigned to the next person on the waiting list. Appropriate accommodations will be made for working parents. If you have questions about your application you can contact the school.

Is there a waiting list?
As of now, there are no waiting lists for 2013-2014. If a waiting list is required, those on the list are notified by the school secretary by letter and told of their position on the list. However, if a parent is applying after the lottery and all seats for a given grade have been taken, the parent is orally notified at the time of obtaining the application form that the student has been given the next number on a waiting list. If a seat becomes available at a later date, the school secretary calls the next person on the waiting list to establish an appointment for the parent induction. If that parent indicates that he/she is no longer interested, the next person on the waiting list is contacted.

Do I have a better chance of getting in if I apply more than once?
No. Applying more than once does not provide you with a better chance of being accepted to Central City Value High School.

Does anyone get priority in the drawing?
Yes. Priority is given to those applications that have siblings already enrolled at Central City Value High School, and to those applicants who have staff working at Central City Value High School.

My child has special needs. Do I need to let you know that before applying?
Absolutely not! Simply apply, and once you are accepted you will be asked to provide your child's IEP file and Central City Value High School will make the appropriate accommodations.

Is there a before- and after-school program at Downtown Value School?
No, but there are many Leadership Communities, Sports and Clubs your young person can participate in, many of which meet after school hours.

If we are accepted to Central City Value High School, what can my incoming 9th Grader expect?
All applicants to Central City Value High School are notified in writing about the admission process at the time they complete an application for admission. The dates and times of all lotteries are posted in a prominent place near the entrance to the school most commonly used by the public. Central City Value provides a Parent Induction Program and Student Orientation to aclimate you to the school, it's policies, and its opportunities. For imformation on induction and orientation, you can contact the school.

If we are accepted, how do we receive a uniform?
Free uniforms will be handed out the day of registration.

Is there a meal program at Central City Value High School?
Yes.  Find out more about applying for the Central City Value Meal Program

If you have questions you can contact Central City Value High School's Administrative Assistant This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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