Opportunities for Parent Involvement

Evidence from research and common sense tell us that if the parents and the school work together, the academic and social achievement of students is much higher. Here at Central City Value, the parents and the school work together to make dreams come true for our students: to go to college and to be an indispensable part of the fabric of success of our community.

Parents are welcome as volunteers in many capacities, and there are many opportunities for parent involvement.  There are fundraisers,  scholarship workshops, FAFSA (Federal Student Aid) workshops, college nights, student awards assemblies, an annual college fair, an annual talent show, regular parent meetings, board meetings and many other opportunities during which parents are welcome to attend, and or support students and teachers in their endeavor to send our students to college and beyond.  Most meetings and events are held during the evening hours in order to accommodate working parents.

PAC/ Title I Parent Compact: Parent Advisory Council/ Title I Parent Compact:

This council is the general parent organization in charge of the parent meetings throughout the year and it also serves as our Title I Parent Compact in ensuring that together, parents, teachers, and all school personnel can increase the academic achievement of our students. It engages in traditional parent events such as fundraising and school community building activities. It also takes part in reviewing data and information on student achievement, and helps the school plan to increase student achievement based on this data and information.

The parent advisory council also coordinates other parent involvement opportunities such as parents calling other parents about events, students’ tardiness, students’ homework, and other issues put forth at meetings. The contact person should a parent wish to be involved is: Vanessa Navarro (Teacher and Parent Coordinator) at 213-471-4686 ext. 217.

ELAC: English Learner Advisory Council:

If your son or daughter still has not been reclassified as proficient in English (RFEP), this is the parent council that focuses specifically on your son or daughter. It works together with the school to ensure that these English Learners receive the services necessary to achieve this proficiency in English, enroll in college preparatory classes, and that they attain a higher academic achievement. Meeting dates are posted on the website.  The next meeting will take place on Tuesday, February 4th, 2014 at 6:30 p.m. in the Community Room at Central City Value.

School Site Council:

This is the council which reviews the schools' student academic achievement data and the school budget to ensure the alignment of expenditures to the goals for improving student achievement and helping our students reach their dreams and goals. Parents, students, teachers and administrators form part of this group. The contact person should a parent wish to be involved is: Jay Arroyo (Principal) at 213-471-4686 ext. 226

Board Meetings:

Board Meetings for Central City Value High School are held quarterly. All parents are invited to attend these meetings.  Board meeting dates are posted on the website and on the school communication board on the way into the main office.  The contact person should a parent wish to be involved is: Gerry Jacoby (CEO of Value Schools) at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Student Success Program:

As a part of our School Success Program for our students who struggle academically, or who experience distractions that keep them from fulfilling their potential, there are regularly scheduled "Living the Values" meetings where parents, alumni, teachers and students meet with the School Success Program Coordinator to support each other in helping our struggling students.  Mentor parents may also attend to help support other parents with struggling students. The contact person should you wish to be involved is: Fernando Almanza (Dean and Student Success Program Coordinator) at 213-471-4686.


We have meetings with coaches, parents and students at the beginning of the season for the following sports: Cross Country, Volleyball, Soccer, Basketball, Baseball, and Softball. Parents are welcome to volunteer in bringing healthy snacks and drinks to the games and in a variety of ways. The contact person should you wish to be involved is: Raissa Adolphe (Athletic Director) at 213-471-4686 ext. 227.

Talent Show:

Our school has an annual talent show. Students share musical, artistic, dramatic, dance and other talents with their peers, teachers, families and communities. It gives the school an opportunity to come together and enjoy each other from a different perspective. Parents have supported this event by making food sales to cover the costs of the event, or by helping to set up, design, and support the performers. The contact person should you wish to be involved is: Marc Ketchem (English Teacher and Talent Show Coordinator) at 213-471-4686 ext 218.

Parent Volunteers:

If parents would like to be involved in any way with helping students in classes, parent activities,or even helping to clean or beautify the school, they should contact either Vanessa Navarro (Parent Coordinator), Gwen Braude (Assistant Principal) or Angela Abnousi (Office Manager) at 231-471-4686.

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