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Dear Everest Value Families,

Summer is here! Our school is finishing up our testing and will now begin to enjoy these last few weeks together in our 2nd year of operation. Wow- what an amazing ride it has been! Last week I was able to look through our yearbook (which is only $5 this year) and it really hit me. The staff, the students, and you...WE have become such an unstoppable force of creativity, friendship, and persistence. We have come so far from August of 2014, when we all nervously met each other for the first time. I am so thankful to have you as part of this Everest Family, and I am inspired by what you and your children have done to create our Snow Leopard spirit.

June will be a month packed with activities. Please stay tuned for Spirit Week, Field Day, the Spring Concert, the Sunflower Festival, and so many classrooms events. Your students have worked really hard this whole year academically and they deserve a chance to reflect and celebrate with their friends and most importantly YOU.

Before you know it, summer will pass us by and we will be preparing for year 3. Please make sure to check the dates for summer orientations, as attendance is mandatory for parents. Each year we make changes to our handbook and policies, and it is important that you understand our expectations. I promise you that the Everest staff is never satisfied and we will be working this summer to enhance our Values based instruction and design new programs to help our students reach their full potential.

Thanks again for a great year!
Principal, Mr. Medinger

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