We Climb!In August of 2018, Value Schools Foundation embarked on the We Climb campaign, our largest ever fundraising effort, to raise $5.5 million to help build a state-of-the-art campus for Everest Value School. We've raised $3.8 million so far!
Urban charter schools face daunting facilities challenges, and downtown Los Angeles poses particular environmental difficulties for school construction. But we have grown with our friends by our side, and are excited to join again with those who recognize the power and impact of a values based education. Join Value Schools as we climb to $5.5 Million. 

We can see the summit...

In just five years, Everest Value School has built a family-centered culture of academic excellence and engagement. 
Our dedicated staff members do more than teach - they develop student leaders, model our values, and help students give back to the community. Our parents are partners in everything from art fairs to zoo trips. Our students take pride in learning, growing and creating new school traditions. On state English Language Arts and Math tests, they regularly outperform their counterparts in neighboring district schools. Many of them go on to one of our high schools to prepare for higher education, careers and civic life. The Everest Value community’s collective efforts pay off in the lives of our graduates. 
All the while, Value Schools Foundation has been searching for a property to give Everest Value the room to double its enrollment. Finally...
Eye Level Perspective from the corner of Madison St and Cosmopolitan St

The search has paid off.

Value Schools Foundation has found the perfect location: directly across from Central City Value High School. Now our students and families will have access to a seamless kindergarten through 12th grade values-based education. 
We Climb is the Value Schools Foundation campaign to raise an estimated $5.5 Million which will help create a state-of-the-art campus for Everest Value School. Plans for the new Everest Value campus are underway with a target opening of September 2021. Students, parents, and supporters like you are rising to the challenge with support at every step. 

We’ve Done this Before

Having successfully converted an industrial property into our second thriving high school, Central City Value High School, Value Schools Foundation is thrilled to be expanding educational opportunities for its youth and families. We know this is a community-wide effort, and we’re extraordinarily grateful to everyone who’s working to strengthen that community.
As our youngest students explain in their Morning Ceremony: 
“By working together, we can do more than we can do by ourselves.” 
Public funding for charter school facilities is insufficient in expensive real estate markets such as Los Angeles. The We Climb campaign seeks to close the gap between the actual cost of the Everest Value project and the amount Value Schools Foundation can raise by issuing tax-exempt bonds. But reaching the summit requires more than money, and everyone in the Value Schools community has been invited to contribute time and talent as well. 

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We Climb

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Join us on our “We Climb” campaign to raise $5.5 million for an Everest Value School campus.

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