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David Doyle
Mr. Doyle earned a bachelor’s of Arts degree from the University of Notre Dame in 1984. He majored in American Studies, an interdisciplinary major that includes American literature, history and government. In the fall of 1984 Mr. Doyle was employed at Notre Dame High School in Sherman Oaks, California as an English and journalism teacher. In addition to his teaching responsibilities, he coached football and baseball and was the moderator of the school newspaper, The Knight. After one year of teaching, Notre Dame’s principal announced that Mr. Doyle would be the school’s next Dean of Men, a position Doyle held for four years. While spending the next two years as school’s Vice principal, Mr. Doyle was prepared to be the next principal. In 1991, at the age of 29, Mr. Doyle became Notre Dame’s principal. He held that position for six years and the school earned the “Excellence in education award” from the U.S. Department of Education in 1996 under Mr. Doyle’s leadership. Another improvement made at the school under Mr. Doyle’s leadership was the shift from a teacher-centered approach to education to a student-centered method. Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences was used as the back bone for the change. Accordingly, a block schedule was instituted to accommodate the change in teaching style. Mr. Doyle participated in an institutional strategic planning process that delineated the plan to expand the physical plant at Notre Dame to meet the talents and needs of the students and faculty. A first rate theatre center was created as an outcome of that process. Lastly, while at Notre Dame, Mr. Doyle researched the Holy Cross traditions and philosophy of education espoused by the founder of the congregation, Fr. Basil Moreau. Mr. Doyle urged the use of Moreau’s philosophy of educating the “hearts and minds” of the students who enter Holy Cross educational institutions across the globe. Today that philosophy is used at Notre Dame High School and other Holy Cross institutions.   In 1997 Mr. Doyle left Notre Dame High School for an academic counseling position at Crespi High School in Encino, California. He also enrolled at the University of San Francisco to pursue a doctorate in education. In 1995, while still at Notre Dame High School, Mr. Doyle completed a Masters degree in education from the University of San Francisco. During his first year at Crespi, Mr. Doyle was approached with the idea of taking the principal’s position the following year. Mr. Doyle accepted the principal’s position at Crespi in 1998 and held that position until June of 2003. Because of the responsibilities of the principal’s position, he chose to abandon the pursuit of the doctorate. With the help of the faculty at Crespi, Mr. Doyle transformed the educational approach at Crespi as he did at Notre Dame. Employing the student-centered approach to teaching, Crespi High School saw its enrollment expand during Mr. Doyle’s tenure. Prior to the WASC visit in 2000, Mr. Doyle developed the idea of the “Crespi Man”, a series of skills, beliefs and actions a student would develop while matriculating at Crespi High School. This concept is still used today at the school.   In the spring of 2003 Dr. Porath, the former superintendant of Catholic Schools in Los Angeles and founder of Value Schools, contacted Mr. Doyle to lead the Values schools’ first high school in Los Angeles. In September of 2003 Mr. Doyle opened University Prep Value High School. He served as the first principal of the school, taught world history and started and coached the school’s first sport, boys’ baseball. During the first four years of the school’s existence, University Prep Value High School was located in six different locations throughout Los Angeles before finally occupying its present location at 221 N. Westmoreland Avenue. Upon graduation of the school’s first class in 2007, Mr. Doyle resigned the principal’s position and returned to teaching full time at the school. During the next three years, Mr. Doyle developed a course called Freshmen Seminar that used the school’s five core values as the curriculum. In 2010, Mr. Doyle returned to the principalship of University Prep Value High School with the idea of having students, faculty and parents create an “exceptional school”.   We at University Prep Value High School are currently working to make that idea a reality.
Rhonda Hoffarth
Value Schools CFO
Rhonda Hoffarth has been a senior executive with broad business acumen and multi-discipline experience in small- to mid-size ($10M to $500M) companies for many years. Blending strategic focus with management execution, Ms. Hofarth helped companies maintain their competitive advantage, mitigate corporate risk and grow four-fold. Ms. Hoffarth capitalized on learning agility which has allowed her to take on new, never-before-experienced challenges and successfully manage Value Schools' success.

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