Value Schools Leadership

Gerry Jacoby
Value Schools President & CEO
Gerry Jacoby has been in the field of education for over thirty years. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, and state certification in elementary and early childhood education from Seton Hill College in Pennsylvania. She earned her M.Ed. (Educational Communications and Technology) from the University of Pittsburgh, while maintaining a position as head teacher and practicum supervisor at the Child Development Center at Seton Hill College. Mrs. Jacoby designed and implemented a new Kindergarten program at the local parochial school, and designed and taught a pull-out program for bright and gifted students in first through third grades. Upon moving to central California, Mrs. Jacoby taught a third, fourth, and fifth grade combination class in a Montessori school, where she again did most of the curriculum design, planning, and implementation. After a brief side career selling insurance and securities, Mrs. Jacoby was asked to teach math at Dunn Middle School in Los Olivos, California, where she stayed for four years. After relocating to Southern California, Mrs. Jacoby taught fourth grade and junior high at St. Anthony School in El Segundo, where she then also served as vice-principal and then principal. After successfully completing the WASC accreditation process with the school, she joined a team led by Dr. Jerome Porath in revising a petition for a new charter school. Mrs. Jacoby, along with Dr. Pat Monson, was named co-principal and full time teacher at the newly formed Downtown Value Charter School in downtown Los Angeles during the 2003/04 school year, and then assumed the duties as principal full time the following year. Mrs. Jacoby led the fledgling charter school through the next ten years, bringing enrollment from 55 to its continuing maximum enrollment of 448 in five years. State API scores for Downtown Value School climbed steadily from 560 to 839 during her ten year leadership. Upon the announcement of Dr. Porath’s retirement for June, 2013, the Board of Directors for Value Schools conducted an extensive search for a new CEO, unanimously naming Mrs. Jacoby as CEO in June, 2013.
Rhonda Hoffarth
Value Schools Business Manager
Rhonda Horrarth has been a senior executive with broad business acumen and multi-discipline experience in small- to mid-size ($10M to $500M) companies for many years. Blending strategic focus with management execution, Ms. Hofarth helped companies maintain their competitive advantage, mitigate corporate risk and grow four-fold. Ms. Hoffarth capitalized on learning agility which has allowed her to take on new, never-before-experienced challenges and manage to success.
Jerome Porath
Founder of Value Schools and Consultant to CEO
Founder and Consultant to CEO
The Founder, President and CEO of Value Schools is Jerome R. Porath, Ph.D. Dr. Porath has more than forty years experience in elementary and secondary school education. Prior to founding Value Schools, he worked with Catholic schools. He ended his service as Superintendent of Schools for the Archdiocese of Los Angeles in the August 2000, a position held since September 1991. Previous to that, he was Superintendent of Schools for the Archdiocese of Washington, DC (1985-91) and the Diocese of Albany, NY (1978-1985); he was also an administrator and teacher in St. Louis, MO Catholic schools (1969-1978). As Superintendent of Schools in three major urban areas, Dr. Porath has witnessed the challenges facing all schools. Directing the supporting operations for the Catholic schools in Los Angeles, he has helped guide more than two hundred and fifty schools. More than 25% of them are in the poorest neighborhoods of that city. Finding funds and finding personnel have been a large part of his responsibility. Dr. Porath has led strategic planning processes in all three cities. His area of special expertise has been in designing financial plans for schools, especially those in low-income areas. He has served as a planning consultant to other Catholic school systems utilizing his financial expertise. Dr. Porath has his doctoral degree in education from St. Louis University, and he has been a lecturer for graduate school courses at several universities. Jerome Porath is a founding director, joining the board on July 19, 2000.

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