Downtown Value School Faculty & Staff

Claudia Godlewski
Room: Principal's Office
Karla Orellana
Vice Principal
Room 13
Estela Flores
Kindergarten (KA)
Room 9
Griselda Ortega
Classroom Support Kindergarten
Maricruz Fernandez
Kindergarten (KB)
Room 1
Vanessa Saragosa-Martinez
First Grade (1A)
Room 4
Jamie Alcantar
First Grade (1B)
Room 8
Liliana Gomez
Classroom Support 1st Grade
Norma Martinez
Second Grade (2A)
Room 3
Jennifer Mares
Second Grade (2B)
Room 2
Lourdes Diosdado
Third Grade (3A)
Room 5
Jamie Quintanilla
Third Grade (3B)
Room 7
Johanna Marquez
Fourth Grade (4A)
Room 17
Angeline Dominguez
Fourth Grade (4B)
Zachary Peterson
Fifth Grade (5B)
Room 11
Alexis Bateman
Fifth Grade (5A)
Room 6
Adriana Rios-Travers
Sixth Grade (6A)
Room 12
Bertha Valencia
Sixth Grade (6B)
Room 13
Ryan White
Seventh Grade (7A)
Room 10
Charise Taylor
Eighth Grade (8A)
Room 14
Candy Escobar
Eighth Grade (8B)
Room 15
Cindy Marquez
Learning Center RSP
Room 19
Stacy Ventura
Classroom & Campus Support
Stacy Rodarte
Learning Center RSP
Socorro Peña
Room: Main Office
Jovani Villalta
Classroom & Campus Support
Nancy Yucute
Administrative Assistant
Room: Main Office
Sulma Caldera
Safety & Records Coordinator
Room: Entryway
Ana Villanueva
ELD/Title III Coordinator
Room B2
Claudia Cohen
EL Instructional Coach
Aries Fonseca
After-School All-Stars Program Coordinator
Room: All Stars Office
Maria Piña
Physical Education
Henry Martinez
Physical Education
David Yucute
Plant Manager
Maritza Elgharib-Chavez
Maricruz Quintanilla

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